Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Montenegro # 11:

"200 yr of Ivo Visin" - Seamen of Boka Kotorska.

It is one nice design for FDC, even that printing quality is not so perfect, and effect to connect ship picture with instrument is losed.

Stamp design by J. Simonovic, printed in Sarajevo, perforated 13 1/4, printing sheet of 20 numbered, quantity is now in "frame" with population, just 30 000 pieces, that will keep prices stable.

Stamp design is well balanced with topic that will fit more than one topic collectors, here we have "ship", "personalities".

face value is 0.40 euro and dealer is selling it by 0.60 euro. FDC is 0.90/1.65 euro and if someone want corner block of 4, he will need to pay 3.20 euro per corner block of four.

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