Tuesday, February 21, 2017


2008 year, "Flora" issue:

In 2008, Montenegro Post issued one set of four stamps under topic "Flora", showing us endemic 
plant, which are protected by law in Montenegro.

On low value stamp (0.20 euro), we have shown "Prokletijska Prkosnica" (Draba bertiscea),
species in the genus Draba (family Brassicaceae).

Next value (0.40 euro), have "Lovcenski zvoncac" (Edraianthus wettsteinii ssp. Lovcenicus), 
commonly known as
rock bells or grassy bells.

 Than come next stamp (0.50 euro), with image of "Tarin zvoncac" (Protoedraianthus tarae),
a small genus of flowering plants in the bellflower family.

Last one stamp, with highest face value (0.60 euro), have an image of "Lakusicev karanfil" (Dianthus nitidus ssp. Lakusicii), or Carpathian Glossy Pink.

As usually, this stamp set, have also First Day Cover (FDC), actually two cover, which have special 
cancel, dated 20. 02. 2008.

This set is listed as in Michel catalog (160/163) and Scott (177/180), also in specialized catalog for Montenegro (by: Mihailo Radicevic, Katalog Postanskih Maraka Crne Gore 1874-2011, page 57), 
under number 251/254.
Set don't have some high catalog prices, even can say, it is very affordable price, ranged between 
.to 7.00 euro per single set, in mint, never hinged condition

Than come one, let's say, error, which we have on two stamps.
On 0.25 euro stamp, (small sheet of 5 stamps and one gutter), in second stamp position, there are 
name of author/artist Radevic Djordje, part of name are printed in upper row:
Radevic Dor        

and on second stamp, face value of 0.40 euro, in four stamp position on small sheet of 5 stamps and gutter it is again part of artist name, but this time on lower row:

Radevic Dor

To find this "error" on FDC will be hard, as total 1000 cover are printed, and for sure, if You wish to have it, be prepared to pay premium for set.

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