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2014 till end of...

Terrible time go on, and almost full year, I was unable to find reliable supplier of new issues from this tinny country! As Post of Montenegro philatelic section go to be very unreliable, I was pressed to search for another person that can handle my orders, at one time, in first half of 2014, there was one very nice person in Montenegro, who actually made great job. To health problems of her, and loss of job, she was unable to continue, so I was left in between nothing and searching.

To my luck, one collector come with possibility to handle my need, but it resulted in higher fees on new issues, more expensive come shipping fees and percentage for every shipment go up in price.

So what we can see on market, is not so nice to hear, as new issue will be more costly.
Just to remind, that Montenegro have some 620 000 citizens, and printing quantity of each issue come around 20-30 000, so this "small" quantity, actually made very "stable" selling price of any issue from Montenegro. Even more than that, it can be main factor (small quantity), in forming sales price.
What I see on Michel catalog, that most new issues are priced on double+ price, on some web auction, same items will reach 3x face value (even more if taking also shipping cost per item), than, probability that this is good area to collect are great!

Here it is from continue from previous post, as stamp go:

9-2014 World Cup:

April 9, 2014 date, set of one stamp and one m/s, with combined face value of 1.90 euro
all in green (Army) color, which I hate, because design and artist, still continue to apply this far-end scale of color! There is or green or black, red....., no "between" colors used!

10-2014 Radio-Telegraph:

July 20, 2014, what to say? Nothing! If it is home work for pupil, I will give some 75-80 grade, no more than that! Why? because FDC are very poorly made, with stamp attached, cancel applied and it is all job made!

11-2014 King Nikola will:

July 27, 2014, what an great importance for Montenegro! Last will of King! King is alive - long live for King! Hy man, are we live in which century? There is no more important cause to celebrate? Just last will of King?

12-2014 Hotel Lokanda:

Sept. 5, 2014, someone know this hotel? No? I also never hear about it! Even that 150 years of existence deserve to be mentioned, I don't think that it need to be on postage stamp!

13-2014 Personalities:

Nov. 8, 2014: Mihailo Lalic, writer, good one, and deserve to be on postage stamp. problem come as he work and made all his life in Yugoslavia!!!! So that his roots come from Montenegro, "modern" politician take his work as Montenegrin writer! How much it can be correct, I really don't know!

14-2014 Joy of Europe:

Oct. 22, 2014 - I still want to cry! Basic elements are here, children drawing, as usually in this topic. But! On stamp You will see Montenegrin folklore, dance of Montenegro, with people custom on, over this go some "stars"!!!!! Which stars? European one! Something as GREAT REICH over Montenegrin people! GREAT to loss own identity!

15-2014 Cultural Heritage:

Nov. 12, 2014: Aha, let's see what we have here?! Set of three value, in total face value of 2.05 euro!
Still not so big face value (for west countries), but, if we take in consideration that medium salary in Montenegro is between 400 and 800 euro, than we come to conclusion that it is still very high face value!
What they wish to show us as Cultural Heritage? First value (0.30) come to celebrate painter Anastas Bocaric. I really never hear about him, but why they put him in cultural heritage, and not in prominent persons?
Second issue (0.80 euro), are for Orlov Krs' (Eagle's Rock, in local translation), here I can say, that many overseas collectors that use translator online will see one direct translation as "Eagle's Rubble"!
What is important here is mausoleum of Bishop Danilo. This one can be included in "History" topic, but if they prefer it as cultural heritage, so let it be!
Last third value (0.95 euro) are old archaeological site "SVAC'"!

16-2014 Danilovgrad Library:

Nov. 17, 2014: Someone translated it as Reading Room in Danilovgrad! As fact, back 125 years, there was no Library at all! There was one small room in home, where newspaper will be put on table, and educated people will come to drink coffee, and read newspaper. One nice cultural heritage I can say!

17-2014 Gymnasium:

Nov. 28, 2014: Actually name was translated as General High School, but before 150 years, there was not high, middle or other school - there was GYMNASIUM! (What You think, artist use Google translator?).

18-2014 Stamp Day:

Dec. 15, 2014 - Stamp Day topic will lead us to imagine stamp design that will show some artist toys, cancel, post office or something related to STAMP!
Actually, we receive portrait of one women, which was actually first woman (female) post officer!
So, to which topic You will include this issue?

That is all for 2014 year!
Something that we will remember as continuing in "old way" of making things happen!
Nothing to comment, nothing to be proud of, and nothing that we can say are changed in producing postage stamp!

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