Saturday, November 07, 2015

2015 year coming (first half of it):

As I'm still under influence of 2014 year, I can not to mention that someone in Post of Montenegro, simply say, don't have clue what is TOPICAL in Philately!

But, let's start:

1-2015 Art in Montenegro:

Feb. 5, 2015: two value in set, one can be included in Historical Building and second in Museum Artifact - hardly that it can be selected as ART in Montenegro!

2-2015 Monastery OSTROG:

March 12, 2015: One that I admire well! Even that I'm not religious man, that I'm not in any religion, one that I never visited! I admire it for other people testimonies, and for role that it have in history!
Artist still made poor job, as to take one photo from spot, and made one home work, nothing more than that!

3-2015 Flamingo:

March 12, 2015: You really think that Flamingo is "bird of nation"?
No, it is not, as Flamingo can be spotted seasonally in just one place in whole Montenegro. But, someone decided to include it as important to be on Montenegro post stamp!

4-2015 EUROPA issue:

April 16, 2015: It is common in year to issue this topic, and this year it was "Children's Toys", so Post of Montenegro made also!
Nice? Not so, as still they use "hard" color in design!

5-2015 Cetinje mentioning:

May 5, 2015: One issue that can be put on postage stamp, as CETINJE is very old city, and have big role in history! Stamp is too small for picture that they put on, so You will need big lens to enjoy in old picture and see all detail on it!

6-2015 Kite Surfing:

May 8, 2015: this issue have name "Tourism" - can You imagine it?
Put it under name of sport, it will be fine! If You made "Tourism" topic, made stamp that will show us tourism sites, beach, mountain, spa, hotels.....

7-2015: Nature - Tree:

May 13, 2015: It is put under name "Environment Protection", and stamp will show us one very old tree, half alive, so we will think that it is one very-very old tree, which is alive thanks to good environment situation in Montenegro! In principle, good one design.

8-2015: Euro-Basket Championship:

May 22, 2015: Sport event that was really important for Montenegro, as other countries also made this issue. But again, artist fail in all aspect of design! Using olive oil, than hard red/orange in combination - overall feeling of this issue is so dark, so confusing!!!

2014/2015 RED Cross and Postage Due:

As I don't know exactly date of issue, this seven stamp will be here show, just as is.
It is postage due, which was obligatory on all mail delivered between specific time, little bit is confusing that this stamps don't have written value, so public actually don't know how much to pay.
There is name as :Red Cross day", "Red Cross Week", "Fight TBC Week", all in prosper to collect little bit income for Red Cross Organization!

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