Friday, February 26, 2016

Montenegro Postage dues (under: Serbia and Montenegro):

Will just inform, that after destruction of Yugoslavia, and separation of four Republics (Slovenia, Croatia, Macedonia, Bosnia), what was left from Yugoslavia, are renamed as Serbia and Montenegro.
In Serbia, was money in use DINAR, and Montenegro go with EURO.
Some of postage stamps and Postage Dues was valid in both Republics, and some are issued just for one, so was also this Postage Dues.

Montenegro Postage Due issues:
Here it is shown from the start of independence, as it is issued at the very problematic period, that even Michel catalog didn't listed it in 2015 edition under Montenegro. Reason are that this issues are made at the time when Montenegro was part of short lived independent country named Serbia and Montenegro, and I don't see it in Michel catalog listed in Yugoslavia or Montenegro.

I need to mention, that few of this stamps are printed in sheet of 100, and also in sheets of 8 stamps + 1 gutter on middle of sheet. There are also (in sheets of 100) stamps with engraver mark, so if You have any sample of it, check first if it have engraver mark, because market prices are very different for this stamp. 
Some of stamp, with engraver mark, on FDC can reach even 250/300 euros on market, so, keep an eye on it!

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