Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Montenegro #2

"Europa 2006 - Gastronomy"

Here we have one common issue with Europ countries, that it is this year "Gastronomy".

Again design by Axis Studio,
same printer like #1,
same paper CPL 105 gr,
perforation 13 1/4,
in sheetlet of 8+1 tab,
set of two stamps,
face value 0.75/2.00,
complete set contain 2 stamps + sheet (block) + booklet (karnet).

Here is something that make me confused.
Set and block is same design and same stamp, pictured plate with food, that math topic "Gastronomy", but "in cover" of same topic, they issued booklet (that I received/purchased) without protective cover/pages, just simple block (sheet), but what is in question, is that design of this "booklet" is different from set. It is imprinted "Evropa - gastronomy", but have picture of bee and cup of honey (0.25 e) and second value is glass of wine and grape.
To which topic select this "booklet"?

what dealer say about prices:

set = 0.75/2.00 E,
set+tab = 0.75/3.00 E,
block/sheet = 0.75/1.75 E,
sheet of 8+tab = 6.00/10.00 E,
FDC = 1.25/2.25 E,
booklet = 0.75/4.00 E.

Right now (4/XII/2007) visited eBay auction, and to be fair - all who didn't purchase this issue from beginning, they made great mistake!!!

I see that dealer in Germany are asking for set of this issue (set+block+booklet) just 99.00 euros, others seller just follow this trend, it will be one rare item, and even Post of Montenegro didn't have it in stock anymore.

And now that I have Michel catalogue in hand - I see that I was in right about this issue. Last contact with one person that are willing to sell this issue, made me "cry" - he is asking:

set = 10.00 euro,

kleinbogen (sheet) = 90.00 euro,

booklet = 90.00 euro,

s/s = 16.00 euro,

s/s imperforated = 30.00 euro.

What borrow me mostly is that FDC is non-standard dimension, too big to keep it in any album, and most of all that FDC cover have design of booklet stamp with "gastronomy" stamp on it.

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