Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Montenegro #5 (Michel # 114-115)


Date 15 March 2006, author A. Kostic (someone new on "market"?), rest is in same detail like previous issue except printing sheet that is now 20, with numbering, two value in set, and "frame". quantity of 32 000 pcs.

set = 0.75/1.55 E,
sheet of 20 = 15.00/28.00 E,
FDC = 1.25/3.50 E.

catalogue Michel value it at 1.50 euro for used or mint.

Recently, I purchased one FDC that was issued on occasion for Washington exhibition, this FDC have one short history of Montenegro post printed on back, with one stamp attached on, canceled with Washington first day cancel.

Prices are cheap for this FDC, yes - more than catalogue even much more, but we must know that this FDC are not available on every corner.

At present, this cover are valued at 6.00 euro.

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