Sunday, June 18, 2006

Montenegro Postage Due #2 & 3

It was issued in 2002, and one was named: "Struggle against Cancer" (Flower and yellow ball), with face value 0.05 Euro.
Issued like before in sheetlet of 8+tab, printed in same printing plant like before, with no detailed information for technical process.
I just see that it is also offset printing, nice combination with color, design from R. Bojanic, but quantity printed is still unknown.
Dealer around is asking for this sheetlet of 8+tab clearly 10.00 euro.
Too high? I think that for first of issue, from this "new" country, it is worth, because it will be valuable.

Lets talk little about other picture, that is for "Protect Scadar Lake and Pelican".

Topic that many collectors will need for collection, same issued in 8+tab, in same printing plant, same author, same 2002 yr, and same face value of 0.05 Euro.

Dealers? Asking high 8.00 Euro for sheetlet of 8+tab. What is special, it is numbered every sheetlet issued, and I noticed it for this two issue, but previous (Fight Violence on Woman) is missing numbering print.

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