Saturday, February 11, 2006

Montenegro first issue.

Just because of some comments that I received, I must say, that ALL prices for new issue, that appear in, are prices of dealer/s at the day of issue - with time, this prices, usually come down, and every dealer will reduce it according own interest.

Just recently published by "Vecernje Novosti", information about new issue that will be issued by Montenegro.

It will be just with inscription "Montenegro" only, and still no one know if it will be valid just on Montenegrin territory, and if it will be recognized by UPU. Like what we sawe - it happen!

It is, what collectors know to name, one "New Country", and next one "Dead Country" topic, but how it will be valued on really stamp market no one know.

According info from Montenegro Post Authority, they have programme with all "commercial" topic and face value will be (my opinion) just for dealers budget, and I think, they have support from Italian dealers and organization.

When I ask about subscription service and reduction in prices for dealers, all condition "suggest" that it is "just for wholesale" agent, and small philatelist/collectors will be "out" practically - what to do?!

Printing is done in Bosnia (Sarajevo) even that actually country "Serbia and Montenegro" have enough printing plant to do job, but again, it "smelt" for some "private" deal, where someone will take profit (again on collectors pocket).

For now, it is all what i can say, in future, when I will have it in my possession, I will made scan available.

Chastven Miloje
Dealer with Balkan Countries Philatelic Material
APS, ISWSC, NSDA, ex-ASDA, and some more

And like what i promised,

here it is - picture of first issue from Montenegro (Crna Gora), that is still part of Serbia and Crna Gora country.

It took me few months of contacting officials in Montenegro Post and some emails, without any success, and finally I received it from Bosnian dealer, who deliver it quickly but prices was little bit high - 40.00 Euros for this sheet of 8+2 labels (tabs).

I was little bit surprised, because my expectation for first issue was much more than that what I see! I hoped that it will be little more "art" involved, with some engraving, if not all engraved, but nothing from it!

Here is technical detail:

Issued on: 15 December 2005

Design: Axis Studio

Printed in: Offset CPU Sarajevo (Bosnia and Herzegovina) !!!

Paper: CPL 105 gr

Perforation: 13 1/4

Printing sheet: 20 and sheet of 8 stamp + 2 label

Set have: 4 value

Face value: 1.75 Euro (money in use is still dinar!!!!!!!)

Quantity: 2.000.000 (unbelieved!!!!!!!)

FDC: 4 cover

If I can comment it, it is just another simple issue, print 2mil x 1.75 euro = 3 and half mil Euros cash (if it will be sold by face value all - hard to believe) - simple marketing deal, without any consideration for philatelist and philately in particular.

They didn't think, that it is almost, for every citizen of Montenegro one set per head?!

And let's calculate, that from it, few people will really used it postally! It will be very low catalog value, because of so high quantity printed, and I don't think someone will even look for it, because, except "Map on stamp", "Flag", and "Coat of Arms" topic, here we don't have major topic present. This will result in low demand from topical collectors, and simple offset printing with regular raster in use, give one image of "label" instead of "stamp".

I really hate to criticize someone effort to made job properly, but it is obvious that person in charge of this project, was in "economy" category and not in "history to made" category.

Let's see what Montenegro Post planned for 2006 year:

  1. 15 Dec 2005 = first issue,
  2. 30 Dec 2005 = "Europa" issue,

  1. 3 Jan 2006 = 50 yr of "Europe" issue,
  2. 7 Feb 2006 = "Winter Olympic",
  3. 15 March 2006 = "Flora and Fauna",
  4. 27 April 2006 = "Europa",
  5. 30 May 2006 = "Football Champ",
  6. 5 July 2006 = "Tourism",
  7. 30 Aug 2006 = "100 yr of Perper Money",
  8. 5 Sept 2006 = "Cultural Heritage",
  9. 2 Oct 2006 = "Stamp Day",
  10. 18 Oct 2006 = "Joy of Europe",
  11. 3 Nov 2006 = "Ivo Vizin birth",
  12. 15 Nov 2006 = "Nature Protection".

All in total 14.45 Euro for simple "one set year 2006" collection in face value.

Consider, that for "full collection" collector need all issued variety (set, block, sheetlet, booklet, FDC, CM) it will reach, for complete year set, more than 200+ US$, that will be hard to sell/buy mission! If we will add here postage cost, bank transfer fees, (post of Montenegro didn't accept credit card payment), calculation will reach around 300 US$ per year set, for printing quantity of 2mil per issue?????????

Too much to accept!!!!!

But in the end - let's see what will major catalogue say - maybe they sold all quantity to one dealer, who will keep supply in minimum, and that can rise prices?!

Oh - even forgotted: Official in post Montenegro, announced delivering to address worldwide some 500.000 cover, from this first issue, but I still didn't hear from anyone, that it actually happen!

Yeah, for now, it will be enough critics, in the future, I will try to post more picture, and hope some good news.

best regards to all, Chastven Miloje, Israel/Yugoslavia, Stamp Dealer with Balkan Countries material,