Friday, March 19, 2010

2010 start with some nice and expensive items - hope that it will be just from beginning of year - but if it will continue like this - prepare budget!

1-2010 "Art":

I don't know how to describe it - but, they say - it is art! With one stamp I agree - frescoes, it is "old" art - and collected by many collectors around world, but second stamp with one "sci-fi" painting - it is disputable, I personally like it anyway! Issued on Jan 28, 2010 - two stamp in set, face value GREAT - 1.00 euro, They rise postage fares? Not? O.K. - let's say that FDC deserve respect, and will be quickly sold out - but second issue "sci-fi" will be available for long time to come!

2-2010 "Vancouver Winter Olympic":

Here I can say that design saved whole issue! Why? - because Olympic logo are so ugly, that someone must think very well how to design stamp, to improve overall picture - and artist really made it!!!!!! Issued on Feb 12, 2010 - two stamp face value - oj-vaj-voj - 2.50 euro! Try to buy it from retailer dealer for face value, I want to see if someone will made it! Prepare minimum 30-40% up-to-face value, and when You will ask prices for sheet of 8+1 tab - take breath, for sure it will cost You around 30.00 euro minimum, if You will be lucky to find who will sell it to You.

End of 2009 - here it come after 3 months of prepaid order - with 18 page of paperwork form attached to parcel delivered to me! It is great-great wasting of paper, work hour - probably it happen because they still don't have modernized system? And, I'm not sure that it is all for 2009 year, because I still don't know if some postal tax or additional issue existed, but which are not in central post administration (like Red Cross issue). From "Programme" I see that in 2009 - was planned also issue for "European champ in Chess" - but I don't see it on official web, or delivered to me.

Let's start with description:

10-2009 "Nature Protection":

Issued on June 10, 2009 - like every year - commemorating Black Lake and Plavsko Lake - which are really treasure for Montenegro tourism. Two stamp, affordable face value of 0.75 euro, but again - printed in sheetlet of 8 stamp and one gutter/tab on middle, which will greatly rise expenses if You want to include it in Your collection.

11-2009 "Navigation":

come to us on July 10, 2009, with one single stamp value of 0.60 euro - to be fair - is not cheap for one stamp. Occasion is Vicko Bujovic (21/I/1660-9/V/1709) - a captain from city Perast. Not just he was owner of several ship, and traded around Adriatic sea - till to Venice, but he also have role like "sea policeman" and also - participated in defending Turkish Empire! stamp alone will not made some impression on collectors - but because it have also ship on it - that will give push to trade. Sheet of 8+1 is again used - and sheetlet have an much better impression.

12-2009 "Stamp Day":

No - I really don't like it! Some abstract design, not attractive at all - but it is not our power to decide about design. Issued on Oct 2, 2009 - one stamp, face value 0.25 euro, cheap? I don't think so for this stamp design.

13-2009 "Joy of Europe":

Usually one issue per year, with children drawings - nothing new, two face value total 0.90 euro per this set - if someone have collection of "Children Drawings" - it can be purchased - probably also for "Music" topic - and it is all for this issue, issued Nov 20, 2009.

14-2009 "Valtazar Bogisic":

Jurist and professor, in field of "Slavic Law History" - have great role in law studies. This is for occasion of 175 yr of his birth. Standard one stamp, single valued at face value of 0.50 euro, that probably math this topic. Issued on Dec 7, 2009. What made me worry is - printing sheet of 20! Why?

15-2009 "700 year of document":

Issued on Dec 20, 2009 - and to celebrate 700 yr of oldest preserved document in Montenegro - I think that Post of Montenegro need to give more "proud" to this stamp, and not just to print it in offset process - this design and topic, need to be printed in gravure - in simple black/white color - it will give it "charm" and "soul" - now it is just simple "invisible text" stamp. Face value is simple and minimum - just 0.25 euro - but printing sheet is 20 stamp - don't forget!