Saturday, August 30, 2008

2008 year:

Almost 9 month pass till I received first shipment from Post of Montenegro Phila Services, terrible degradation in service! I don't know why, and Montenegro Post also! Simple reason stated that they are overloaded with orders and it was reason why are late delivery of new issue. I personally think, that they simply don't care about "small order" client (up to 20 set per standing order). In the end I receive it and will say just simple comment - I start to scream!!!!!

First let's see what year programmed say: They planned 13 issue for this year, but from first issue it was broken promises! And design? Oj-vaj-voj! Nothing to say good - it is continuing with "full fat" color in use, and with second issue is "less than need" color in use, they go from far start to far end with color usage! Visible is glorify European Union, and some kind of self promotion.

Let's start with 1-2008 Stabilization and Association Agreement between Montenegro and EU.

Issued Feb 1 2008, with one "combination" (I think without good reason, except to grow revenue), of stamp issued. It is single 1 value stamp like set (0.60 e face) but here come surprise and You will find one booklet issued, that have two stamp in set (0.50+0.40 e face) what is reason for it I don't know, maybe to rise money and pay expenses for conference with EU. For collectors, nothing left, just if someone collect EU logo on stamp! By my opinion, don't deserve attention this issue.


Flora: Someone will say - great, but see this image! If flora and flowers on this earth is like that - it must be something is wrong with minerals - poor picture, all in yellow/creme color, four stamp in set. Issued on Feb 20 2008, 0.25+0.40+0.50+0.60 euro face value, not so cheap for this set, issued in sheet of 5 + 1 tab on middle, and quantity printed is satisfactory - just 28 000 set available, two FDC in set that have just 1000 pcs printed.

3-2008 Beijing Olympic: 

I really don't want to comment! Even less advanced countries have better design than Montenegro! Issued on march 20 2008, 2 stamp in set (0.60+0.90 e face value) map and coat of arms in design, yellow/orange color, and it is all what i can say. Quantity go up (because topic and judgement that it will be sold - they think), there are 100 000 set printed, and FDC is big 3 000 pcs. Let's wait and see what and where will catalogue placed this set in future.

4-2008 EUROPE: 

issue for this year are letter writing, and I can comment just simple - good pupils home work done!!!! It is far away from say Serbian issue - why they don't use other designer, more professional, more with "vision" what is worth to put on postage stamp???

Issued on April 2 2008, 0.90 and 0.60 e face value, 60 000 sets printed and 2 000 pcs of FDC. One block printed with two stamp on it (also 0.60 and 0.90 face value) block have 4 000 pcs printed.


go to Marko Miljanov Popovic (my parents family name) - who was writer, Duke and field marshal. Possibly worth to issue this stamp, but from collectors point - nothing special. One stamp in issue (0.60 e face value) 28 000 stamp printed, FDC in 2 000 pcs printed.

6-2008 150 yr of Grahovac battle: 

that happen on April 30 1858 (my birthday!!!! months and day), it is very important for Montenegrin history, because with this victory over Turkish occupation army - is established borders of Montenegro Kingdom. Low face value, just 0.25 euro and printed in 28 000 copy, FDC in 2 000 pcs.

7-2008 Tourism: 

- what's for this issue? Why to show some kind of nature reserve that will never attract even student tourist? All what is presented here are four places, four untouched places in Montenegro, showing beach, village, old city and some kind of lake! But if it is "best" attraction that are shown on CM and stamps - I will prefer to go to Serbia!

Again they made "game" with collectors, and issued it in set format, booklet, format - different arrangement for same stamp plus that booklet are sold without and with cover. May 21 2008, 0.25+0.40+0.50 and 0.60 euro face value, 28 000 printed set, and FDC is 2x 1 000 pcs.

8-2008 Chess Olympic in Dresden: 

- one stamp in set, nicely design, 0.60 euro face value, probably will be shortage on market because chess is very popular for collectors. Issued on June 18 2008 with standard 28 000 stamp printed, FDC have it on just 1 000 pcs.