Wednesday, February 07, 2007

#15 is for "Cultural Heritage"

Here we come accross "archeology" on Montenegrian soil, where is design on stamp taken from Duklja (Doclea) archeological site, with artifact shown on stamp, with image of site.

Design alone is not for my 'taste' and most of collector for this topic (Archeology) will be "low" satisfacted, because artist used more his own vision and less fact artifact - but, it can be classified like "satisfactory".

Issued on 3 November 2006, artist J. Simonovic, same printer and same tehnique like before.

Quantity for 2 value is 2x30 000 pieces, printing sheet of 20 numbered.

Dealer is selling set (face is 2x0.25 euro) 0.75 euro, FDC go for 2.00 euro, and block of four/corner for 4.00 euro.

# 14 for "Joy of Europe"

where some nice use of Leonardo's "Madonna" by author Nikola Markovic.

Original print is for promotion of 500 yr of "Madonna" and artis say that "...Mona Lisa was also child like all of us".

Issued on 10 October 2006, again printed in sarajevo, by same standard and paper, perforation like other issue, in same printing sheet of 20 numbered. face value 0.50 euro, little bit higher than previous, but still not expensive.

Dealer is selling it for 0.75 euro, FDC for 2.00 euro, and block of four is 4.00 euro.

Quantity is 40 000 pieces, 10 000 more than usually, maybe Montenegro Post is betting on topic and think that it will sold more because of Mona Lisa.

FDC - I must say again, author of this FDC have lot of color for disposal - if You want to postally use this FDC, You will need marker to writte address!!!!

Cancel on FDC - Hmmmmm - not that You will recognized Mona Lisa at first glance.

# 13 go to topic "Post Day" (Dan Poste),

but fit to "stamp on stamp" collectors topic.

Simple, nice balanced color used, and design - so-so I think!

Cancel on FDC fell not so correctly (intentionally?), and one part of it is printed over face value on stamp, that (if stamp will be soaked from FDC) can confuse philatelist like overprinted/denominated issue.

Still, quantity is same like before, 30 000, in same printing sheet of 20. face value of 0.25 eur, and dealer is selling it for 0.40 euro. FDC is selling by same dealer for 1.50 euro, and block of four/corner is for 2.00 euro.

#12 is "Nature Protection" - Tara Mountain:

issued on 15 November 2006, design by J. Simonovic, printed in Sarajevo on 105 gr paper, perforated like usually 13 1/4, in printing sheet of 20 numbered.

1 value, face 0.40 euro, and selling by dealer for 0.60 euro/stamp, if someone need block of four corner with number need to prepare 3.20 euro, and for FDC will need 1.65 euro.

Quantity is same in "frame" of 30 000 pieces, with message on FDC really "in center"!!!

Eyeglass in green leaf with text "factor 100%" - think that many people know about what is talking.

Montenegro # 11:

"200 yr of Ivo Visin" - Seamen of Boka Kotorska.

It is one nice design for FDC, even that printing quality is not so perfect, and effect to connect ship picture with instrument is losed.

Stamp design by J. Simonovic, printed in Sarajevo, perforated 13 1/4, printing sheet of 20 numbered, quantity is now in "frame" with population, just 30 000 pieces, that will keep prices stable.

Stamp design is well balanced with topic that will fit more than one topic collectors, here we have "ship", "personalities".

face value is 0.40 euro and dealer is selling it by 0.60 euro. FDC is 0.90/1.65 euro and if someone want corner block of 4, he will need to pay 3.20 euro per corner block of four.