Saturday, July 15, 2006

Montenegro Postage due - more detail:

From beginning just to say, that this information I have from exhibitors articles (Djordje Markovich, Podgorica, Montenegro), and can be that I made some "not fair act", because I publish it without asking author for permission.
Reason? Simply - I can not reach him! I simply don't have any contact address of him.

Here we have first issue:
Named "Top quality sport", picture of football, in use from17th April till 17th July 2001. Issued in sheets of 8+1 tab and sheets of 100, with one position that have hidden draft men's initials.

What made me angry, is that they issued it with "Sport + Europa" topic, plus "Nature protection" at once single issue!

It don't have any kind of practical use - it is used for extra-pay in mailing mail, and extra income go to national sport organization, but on sheet (see image) is printed tab with nature, and on margin "Europa" - whats for? Just to attract collectors? No - it will not help in revenues!

Second issue:
"Against Violence on Woman" (pictured on page) in use from 26th November till 10th December 2001. Issued same in 8+1 tab sheet (color picture) and sheet of 100 (brown version), with same initials system.

Third issue:
"Raising the forest" (picture), in use from 1st March till 15th March 2002, in same detail of sheetlet and draft man's initial like before.

Fourth issue:
"Struggle against cancer" (picture), valid from 15th March till 15th April 2002, rest info is same like before.

Fifth issue:

Issued to commemorate and support phila expo "Montenegroprofila", in use from 26th May till 26th June 2002. Rest is same like before, and is not pictured on my page. (picture on right).

Sixt issue:
"Nature protection, Skadar lake, Pelicans", pictured on page, and in use from 25th July till 10th August 2002, rest is same.

Seventh issue:
"Hundred years of first postal vehicle in Europe and Montenegro", in use from 9th June till 3th July 2003, rest is same and common for all.

Eight issue:
Tenth cycling tour "King Nikola's Roads", valid from 1st April till 30ht April 2004, rest is same.

Ninth issue:
for "XXVII Olympic in Athens" valid from 15th June till 14th September 2004, rest is same for all.

Tenth issue:
To celebrate phila expo "Montenegroprofila II" in use from 30th September till 30th October 2004, rest is common for all issue.

Like what You see, I have picture of four, not more, not because I don't like, but because (according Montenegro Post official), because it is printed in really low quantity, and with "nice" topic, that resulted of sold-out. Part that was not used, is sold to dealer - and we have it in "shortage".
Anyway - I hope that this info will give some help to collectors, but see the prices!! Face value is 0.05 euro, but try it to by for this money!!!!
Dealer is asking much-much more, if You even will find dealer who have it for sale!
I personally have just few of it, and not all, even in used form I don't have it - I just didn't find it anywhere.


As today, March 13, 2009 - I wish to show You one rarities for Postage Due #8, from 2004 year - there existed one sample of normal white paper, and second sample is on slightly dark/blue paper. For this sample I don't have any information about when, where or who printed it - more problematic that I obtained it from one dealer in Latvia - I don't believe that it can be forgery - because it is too cheap to made - hardly that someone will have any interest to do it.
Shown is on the top of this page - and next one issue from also unknown date and year, near "Cycling" - You will see one "Red-Cross" issue which was common in Yugoslavia time "Fight against Tuberculosis" - again, no information from any side, Montenegro Post can not give me any info because they didn't issue postage due or Red Cross issue, and they are limited for use on certain period and after that revoked and destroyed.
Any information from other specialist for this country will be welcome.

Friday, July 07, 2006

Scott Listing for Montenegro Issue

Finally we have it on last issue of Scott Stamp Montly issue (page 78).

First issue for "Coat of Arms and Flag" is numbered by Scott #123-126 set of four value, mint or used have price of 4.25 $ for set,

"Europa" issue have number 127-128 set of two, with price 1.90 $, I think that it is too low for "Europa" issue, but...,

next come "50 yr Europa issue" with numbers 129 for horizontal strip of 4, and priced 13.50$, and "regular" set is valued just 8.50$.

Block (s/sheet) for this issue is numbered 130 and valued to same 13.50$ (it is some error? value for set to be same like for set in strip format!).

Follow set "Winter Olympic" set of 2 numbered 131-132 and valued to 3.75$.

Last for now is "Flowers" in same set for 2, numbered 133-134, and valued at 1.90$.

"Coins" set received numbers 135-136 and value for 2.40$.

"2006 World Cup - Germany" numbered 137-138 and s/s 139 valued 4.00$ per set and 4.00$ per s/s.

Now we come accross listing in Scott "National Symbols" numbered 140-142 (? think it is error) and valued 3.25$.

"Tourism" come next, 143-144 valued 2.00$.

"Independence" one stamp 145 valued 1.25$.

"Europe 2006" set 146-147 4.00$ and s/s with it 148 4.00$.

"Ivo Visin" sailor/ship go 149 for 1.00$.

"Stamp Day" is 150 for 0.65$.

"Paiting of Mona Lisa" 151 for 1.25$.

"Cultural Heritage" 152-153 go for 1.25$.

Yes - Scott give them good starting position, in "regular" option issue, but we have here some issue with tab on middle of set (sheet of 8+1 tab), sheet of 20 with margin tab, etc, that will increase value of issue.

All in all - good beginning, let's see where it will finished!

See that after "Coin" issue, Scott value is going down with value, for sure result is quantity and demand, that affected it - hope that Montenegrin authority will do something if they want to keep it valued on market, but same - I'm afraid they will miss point and continued with same policy.