Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Montenegro - Crna Gora - next in this year:

5-2013 EUROPA - Postal Vehicles:

This single stamp, of really high face value (for Montenegro standard), 0.95 euro for single stamp!
What to say!? Just - bad as can be! What is that "artist expression" of  "splashed color" on FDC and on stamp design alone! I understand art as basic, and expression as my graphic design education that I have, but when we talk about design of postage stamp, we can not simply made one "avantgarde" design and what ordinary people and collectors will understand - it is not artist problem!

I personally think, that artist wish to "splash color" on EUROPA (in indirect way of expression), what other reason can be to made such "naive" work!

As is - is, single stamp, on market April 19, 2013, worth to buy? You decide!

6-2013 "125 year of Property Code":

Again one unnecessary issue! It is nice to celebrate 125 year of something, I don't say no, but to celebrate some "General Property Code" is very strange by my opinion!
There is lot of other "happening" that make much bigger mark on Montenegro, and this "Property Code" - is something that can be on margin of history, not forgotten, but also not so big significance that deserve postage stamp!
Single stamp, come on market on May 10, 2013, low face value of 0.30 euro, that will hardly go up with catalog value any time soon!

7-2013 "Tourism":

To cry? No, not worth it! See what they made! One set of two green stamp! With picture of "hiking" and "Biking" - I really wish to see who will go hiking on Montenegro mountain! This who will do it will be called avanturist and not tourist! All around is in green color, (US$ in mind?), and worst of all, it come out in booklet format too! Booklet? All but not booklet - because cover of same are two time size of stamp that need to be inside cover, properly attached on cover - we don't have it all!

Now, You will need in collection two stamp like set + booklet, that will cost You by face value of 1.40 euro, and printing sheet of 20 that 99% of collectors will avoid!

Set come on market on May 14, 2013 - nothing to say "great"!

8-2013 "Olive Tree":

Issue come on market at may 23, 2013, with still "green color" in use, all of this are in green color! Understand that olive come in this color, but when I look on stamp, hardly that I can understand about what is here talking! Too confusing design, FDC as simple as can be!
Low face value of 0.30 euro, can be single satisfaction for collectors!

9-2013 "Sport":

You know, at first glance, I say "Fine - Finally" but, I calm down quickly! Issue come on market at June 7, 2013 with two stamp in set, where I see big name EUROBASKET! We know that there in Slovenia is happening Championship in Basketball, and nice that Montenegro issue stamp to celebrate this, but to mix one issue with second stamp in, and topic of second stamp is Football Club of Lovcen - hey guy, what is that now? 
design is more or less right, but - don't mix it together, we all know what that mean for topical collectors!

10-2013 "Edict of Milan":

Here it come one very-very important happening in history of all SLAVENS on the Balkan, and Montenegro come to with one single stamp celebrating this history! Single stamp come on market at June 26, 2013 - again low face value of 0.30 euro, with very simple, but sympathetic design. Probably not so attractive like Serbian issue for this 1700 years of Edict of Milan (where is on year 313 allowed to Christian to freely preach religion), but still nice! 

11-2013 "Ship - Seamanship":

When we made stamp with topic of "Seamanship" or "Ship", we want at first sight to see "Ship" on stamp, but Post of Montenegro didn't think this way! They made one stamp, that can be included in "Persons on Stamp" topic and not in this "Navigation" or "Ship" topic!
Here we have one statue of person, and on background of design we have navigation instrument and book of captain - what is that! If not FDC design, where we can clearly understand that this issue have "Navy" connection (ship on it), we will be in very dire situation to miss this issue in collection!
Nothing more I can say! Issue come on market at June 28, 2013 with low face value of 0.30 euro.