Friday, March 13, 2009

Postage Due 2009:

Even that this issue are issued in 2009, but because I received it just today (13/III/2009), I will include it in this section, no detail about date of issue, no FDC available, and no information from Montenegro Post. Just what I see from Invoice is statement: Common Issue 2008.

From this three stamp, I see that it didn't belong to one set - separate design, separate topic and first is for "Montenegro meeting EU", second for Postal history and third for History in Montenegro - I think that this issue will stay unnoticed in philately, with zero hope to have any value in catalogs. Topic is good, Postal Car, Sand Watch, Ornament on Church - but it is small help to attract collectors. Total face value are 1.50 euro and it will be Your chance to obtain stamp from Montenegro for collection without thinking that You invested something.

2009 year start:

1-2009: "Art in Montenegro Through Centuries:

to celebrate 125 yr of Theater in Nikshich (Niksic) town, really great achievement with long tradition from 1884 year. 1 stamp issue, 0.25 euro affordable face value, with one "newspaper" photo of building and ornament - where is here designer imagination, profession and art? Starting year like this will result in all year like this - but it is not our (collectors) problem - I think that Post of Montenegro need one independent consultant - isn't?

2-2009: "1200 yr Tryphun the Martyr":

One nice history item for Montenegro and Venetian related merchant - relatively nice issue that can fit to archaeology, religious, history topic for collectors, set of 2 stamp, with face value of 1.00 euro (I think that Montenegro Post want to be prepared for EU prices when and if they join EU).

3-2009 "Braille Letter":

yeah - important, and finally little bit improvement in design. One stamp in set, face value of 0.60 euro. FDC also in good style.

9-2008 till end of 2008:

Today is March 13, 2009 - and just now I received shipment from Montenegro Post!!!! I say, Hallelujah - which kind of service You will hardly believe! What to do - they made some reorganization in Podgorica (Titograd - previously know name for capital) and - how much I see and feel, it go to worst than previously. Why? From past period it was much faster delivery and handling of standing order, with less paperwork involved and payment condition was much better like today. When I received shipment this time, it is inside around 5-6 pages of report from this to other person, revisor and director, all signed controlled and approved for delivery of material worth some 200 euro - can You imagine it? Three or four person involved in every shipment delivered! O.K. let's alone this problem, and go to other - more dangerous - and it is not delivered quantities according delivery notification - terrible!!!!!!
Nu - let's continue with this 2008 year:

9-2008 "Jadran Sail Boat":

Issued on 16/VII/2008 - good topic, worth sail boat for Navy in Montenegro. This sail boat was built in Germany (H. C. Silken Zon) some 75 years ago, and have an great history for "bakartine" type. Mostly was used like school ship for young cadet by Italian, and after WWII it was docked in Venetian channel like some kind of bridge, from here it was returned back to Montenegro, repaired, and as today, again serve like school and training ship.
Value - face 0.50 euro for single, but sheet of 20 will take some premium - dealer? Be happy if You obtained it for face + 100%!!!

10-2008 "Water Polo European Championship":

issued on 15/IX/2008 - to celebrate gold medal in this championship held in Malaga/Spain, poor design, that is what I can say! Face value again 0.50 euro (by way, minimum salary for ordinary worker in Montenegro is around 300.00 euro - and if I need to pay half euro for mail - I will think twice! What You think - how much used material will be on market from this country population of some 600 000-700 000 citizens!).

11-2008 "Art in Montenegro through centuries":

issued on 17/IX/2008 - to show peoples one rare and nice mosaic from Risan/Boka Kotorska/Montenegro - but author and designer failed in all aspect!!! Existed much better way to show on postage stamp this beautiful mosaic in one most clean coast town in Montenegro - sorry for it! Face value for set of 2 is 0.75 euro.

12-2008 : "Stamp Day":

issued on 2/X/2008 - one value of 0.60 euro, picture of post office(?) or better say just one home, made from postage stamps (really postage stamps with face value on it and Montenegro Post logo) - one continued, unrealistic, unnecessary vasting of paper and time - this issue will not have any impact on world philately except this topic (stamp on stamp) that probably will collector buy - even that picture on stamp are stamp never issued by Montenegro Post.

13-2008: "Alfred Nobel":

issued 21/X/2008 - one stamp issue, face value 0.50 euro, wish to scream!!! This is my short description of/for design of this stamp!

14-2008: "100 yr of First Railway in Montenegro":

issued on 31/X/2008, for important occasion in Montenegro, that start to 2/XI/1908 - first railroad opened and connected Bar and Virpazar town (village) at time, just 43 km long, but for this time it was one really great work done - most countries in Europe at time didn't have even paved road and not talk about rail transport - how clever and great is this people!?
1.50 euro face value - lot, but affordable. Problem will be to buy all combination in this issue, and it is set, sheet of 5, booklet with cover and FDC - prepare for dealer double prices with premium for booklet!

15-2008 "Joy of Europe":

issued on 20/XI/2008 - two value in set, face value 0.65 euro, nice picture on stamp and it is all what I can say.

16-2008 "60 yr Human Right declaration":

some combination with national flag and UN logo on stamp, again 0.50 euro face value, again "standard" design and again no comment!!!!

With this we will close 2008 year, even that I didn't see usually issued topic like Christmas and New Year - possible they didn't made it?