Friday, January 28, 2011

End of 2010 year

Finally - I received rest from 2010 year. What to say about service from Montenegro Post is nothing good, too late with delivery, money in advance, damaged stamp delivered, printing sheet without border (border is removed) - and explanation is "delivered what was available"! God, which kind of responsibility!

But, it is Balkan! I like it - even that all is in bad shape, people there live "easy" life. Yes - Post of Montenegro have some "strange" system - what to do?!

Here we go with:

13-2010 "Personalities" (Duke & Printer):

Issued on Nov. 16, 2010, single stamp. face value of 0.50 euro, design is simple as can be, nothing special and not something that "catch" Your eye!

14-2010 "Stamp Day":

Issued on Nov. 2, 2010, also one single stamp, face value 0.30 euro, again some amateur design, with too much color - but message are something in "style" to tell us that all races on this planet use mail and stamp?

15-2010 "Joy of Europe":

continue with this topic, every year it come out, even that i really don't know what for? The "good time" of Europe are gone, people are without any kind of "joy" - and still we print this issue - probably intention is just to take money, and rise income - nothing more than that. Even design is far from good, but if we take in mind that it is done by children, it will be accepted.

16-2010 "Legacy from Past":

set of four stamp, Duklja (Archeology - Coin), Mosque, I. Mazuranic (writer), and Miroslav's Holly Writing - face value not cheap - 2.40 euro, for Montenegro standard is expensive - and again this poor design! Except "Coin" and Holly writing - which are relatively good design, other two are less than minimum. Probably just collectors of "Mosque on Stamp" will need it in collection.

17-2010 "Nature Protection - environment":

Again and again they made so ugly design! This important topic need to be more "eye catching" - more with clear message, more "feeling" in design, but what we received is just "children home work" - nothing to say good.

Hope that 2011 will bring us more "clever" issues and more professional design - just hope?