Friday, July 11, 2014

2014 - Starting with:

1-2014 "Art through centuries":

How it someone can call "Art" I don't know, but as is, Post of Montenegro decide to show us 2 value in set, that show us medieval tombstones and laces. Probably it is "Art" in some way, but postage stamp production and design are also art, and on this two stamps, I don't have feeling of any kind of ART! It is still one color full of paper, with some image that is hardly recognizable as "laces", and "tombstones" can be understand from picture, as just one brink near the road (in focus), how to made so low quality work, and be tolerated by managers I really don't know.
Issue come out at Jan. 31, 2014, set of 2 value, total 1.25 euro, but, if You will try to buy it on eBay or other web shop, prepare some 3 or 4 time of face value in cash.

2-2014 "Winter Olympics":

Here we come from extreme to extreme. Second issue in this year, and almost no color on stamps, except salvage on printing sheet that have this "dark blue" color. Stamp alone are 75% blank, and that what is left need to show us ski sport, logo of Sochi Winter Game, and it is all what we can see. Issue come to market on Feb. 17, 2014. One stamp of 0.95 euro face value, as I see - prepare around 3 to 4 time more money when You will purchase it on-line. 

3-2014 "Diocese of Bar City":

In principle, not bad design if You think by "other" way, because at first glance, on stamp You will see number 925, You will probably mix it with face value that is nowhere to see. But if You will see more carefully, You will find it (face value) also on the corner. Than there is one "half" seal (what author wish to sat with half seal I really don't know), and next come to Your eye some kind of ornament on the stamp. As I say, not bad, if You don't examine it from more close range.
Come to the market on Feb. 27, 2014, single stamp of 0.30 euro face value.

4-2014 "Flora":

What to say about? Nothing! I saw many-many better design of this one, where You actually hide image of stamp from people! Throw color on piece of paper and call it postage stamp. Why to made so ugly stamp, I really don't understand. It is like "sniper focus on target" feeling. So, here we have one stamp with mushroom, and second with flower. Both of are very eye catching in nature, but on this stamp it is not so!
Two stamp in set, with face value of all together 1.25 euro. No, You will not find it by face value.
Come to the public on March, 14, 2014.

5-2014 "EUROPA":

Finally one nice design come out from this country! And it is just if You look at stamp alone, because if You focus on gutter inside sheet of 8 stamp, You will find there one gutter showing us what? Really, what is is on the middle of sheet? I will think about "Zombie", "Dead Body", or "Aliens" - but not one proud Montenegrin that hold music instrument in hands!
Because this drawing of gutter, I will prefer just m/s that is really worth to obtain and keep in collection.
Issued on April 18, 2014 as single stamp of 0.95 euro face value.

6-2014 "Grahovac Church":

I will call it as church on the middle of night, just to explain how it is designed!
No too much to say! 150 years of battle with Turks on the place that is called Grahovac, and talking about church that was build on the place where army commander Hussein Pasha have own tent! It is really important place, not on the battlefield to erect church, but on the place where one Turk have a tent! 
Issued on May 9, 2014, face value of  0.30 euro, but this time, it is made also in sheet of 20, plus FDC and CM.

7-2014 "Tourism":

Tell me alone how to recognize on this stamp that it is "Tourism" places? Here we have two stamp, where I can see just one "peak" or "stone" and one "bay" with some yachts inside in distance that hardly I can recognize it!
Full with nice blue color! Nice to have in collection? No! But, all depend of Philatelist taste!
Two stamp in set, low face value of 0.70 euro per set.
Come to the public on May 14, 2014.

8-2014 "Tree":

It is under name of "Nature Protection", where Montenegro can be protected in all around, because nature in this country are intact (mostly), and this tree (Pines) are some kind of symbol  of all people of Montenegro. design catch really nice moment, showing us places where this tree are, highly up on mountain! Nice design, but not best! Face value little bit high of 0.95 euro, for single stamp. Come to the market on May 23, 2014.