Friday, January 31, 2014

2013 - End of the year

Finally I have all from 2013 year. today arrived last two issues and I'm really sad, because Post of Montenegro still have this unattractive design. Let's hope that something (to better) will change in 2014.

15-2013 "Historical Heritage":

Come to the public at Nov. 12, 2013, with two stamp in set. One stamp is for Elena of Savoy, fifth daughter of King Nikola and Queen Milena. one simple portrait of same, some kind of sad face, what is need to made this design I really don't know. No better picture of person that is important for Montenegro history? Second stamp will tell us about old town of Bar, that have very long history of 2500 years. That what we see from stamp, will show us one map, that will not lead us straight to know about what is talking. As is - is, two stamp will take from us 0.70 euro face value, probably on the market You will be asked to pay 20% more.

16-2013 "Stamp Day":

Can You tell me what is that on stamp? Circus? Clown? Roses? Stamps?
Probably all together mixed in one confused way, that no art lower will understand. I can say just - too complicated that can fit to the topical of "stamp day" - sorry, I don't have love for this issue.
Single stamp, day Dec. 15, 2013 - 0.30 euro to pay. Probably just sheet of 20 stamp will be hard to obtain, but single stamp will be very available on some web auctions.

That is it for 2013 year, not something attractive in whole year, and still weak service from central post office in Podgorica (Titograd), thanks for really great person in Kotor Post Office that help us with speed delivery of new issues.
Hope that something will improve in the future, because I still don't have (because post of Montenegro didn't have it at all) any new design  of IRC, or any Aerogramme, post card or any other post stationery from this country.