Monday, November 05, 2012

Holy Moses - End of 2011 year:

This is an great and ugly experience! Manager and workers in Post of Montenegro made me one very unpleasant, but useful course that can be named "How to be patient with Montenegro Postal Service"!

I learned, and decided that I'm not able to continue with this people any more! Reason is simple. Before one months finally I have official information, that end of 2011 year, and 3/4 of 2012 year, stamp issue, are ready to be delivered to me, and that Invoice is x,y (in hundreds) of Euro!

Fine! One full year, full of my patience, kindly asked and (never received), request for pro-forma invoice for material from 2011 and 2012 (my standing order) finally arrived - God, I say, no more - I'm giving up!

It took me one week to find contact person in one very serious local Phila Club, to be member and start to receive new issue according same standing order! Nice? Yeah!

From one old friend of my - I understand that Post of Montenegro is on "Quiet Slowdown" with way to be "privatized", mean, first to go for bankruptcy  and after that, when "good" investor is on horizon, to be sold on "as is" base! (probably You know what that mean).

As is is, just now I have end of 2011 year issues, and 2012 will follow!

12-2011 "Concordat Montenegro - Vatican":

Come out on market at Oct. 7, 2011, with single stamp. Face value of 0.30 euro, that will cost You minimum two face value on market. 

What to say (and shake my heads), about?
Except that just one point is there normally made. It is "Coat of Arms" on stamp, but, if You are not so well educated, and if You have problem with eyesight - probably this will go unnoticed by You! Other? At first sight, I was thinking that it is issue about race, black and white people, or something like that! Stamp show us two hands shaking, one in white collar (Boss and managers?), and second is black collar (blacksmith, workers, miners etc). Artist have an luck, that on FDC we have some kind of "wings of Angel" and that give me "click" in my head, and I understand that it is just one "Religion Topic" on stamp. This issue is planned to celebrate 125 years of "contract" between Montenegro and Vatican that give to Vatican "...freedom of action..." - I think it say lot!

13-2011 "Joy of Europe":

One stamp, face value 0.90 euro, in sheet of 8 stamps + gutter on middle.
Like usually, You will need much more to pay, if You want stamp+gutter option!

Out on market at Oct. 21, 2011, with again, one child drawing design. I will silently suggest to Montenegro Post, to freeze this topic! "Joy of Europe" is simply out of date, it is legacy from Yugoslavia period, when children are well cared, educated, and full of joy! Today, when is opposite situation in whole Europe, especially in ex-Yugoslavia republics, to made this "topic" on postage stamps can be taken like cynic message to the public! And hardly that child, which made this drawing received any royalties - You don't think?

14-2011 "Historical Legacy":

Out on market on Nov. 11, 2011, four stamp in set, face value of 2.10 euro. Not small money if You know that average wage in Montenegro is somewhere between 400-450 euro per months. If You collect also printing sheet (of 20 stamp) - see alone how much You need to work overtime!

This four stamp will inform us about frescoes, newspaper, fortress of Crnojevich and personalities - to be fair, good idea, good intention with low quality design! Again too much color in use, confusing design of stamp, with lot of element on small piece of paper!  

15-2011 "Stamp Day":

Come out on Dec. 15, 2011, single stamp with face value of 0.40 euro.
Nothing new in design! Amateur in work I will say. But, can be accepted if You don't search for "classic" design or, better say, if You are in need of "modern children expression"!
Even stamps "on stamps" are without face! Blank - You will better call it "tab on stamp" topic.