Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Montenegro #6

"100 yr of Montenegrian Coin"

and I must to continue with "...that today, in independent Montenegro didn't existed!"

Date 27 April 2006, author M. Kalezic (know for 90% issue made by him), same tehnical detail like previous issue, but with quantity printed in decline, now it stand at 28 000.

set = 0.90/1.50 E,
sheet of 8+tab = 7.20/12.00,
FDC = 1.40/2.50 E,
CM = 1.90/3.00.

Scott catalog have it by numnber 135-136, and valued it on 2.40 $ per set

Montenegro #5 (Michel # 114-115)


Date 15 March 2006, author A. Kostic (someone new on "market"?), rest is in same detail like previous issue except printing sheet that is now 20, with numbering, two value in set, and "frame". quantity of 32 000 pcs.

set = 0.75/1.55 E,
sheet of 20 = 15.00/28.00 E,
FDC = 1.25/3.50 E.

catalogue Michel value it at 1.50 euro for used or mint.

Recently, I purchased one FDC that was issued on occasion for Washington exhibition, this FDC have one short history of Montenegro post printed on back, with one stamp attached on, canceled with Washington first day cancel.

Prices are cheap for this FDC, yes - more than catalogue even much more, but we must know that this FDC are not available on every corner.

At present, this cover are valued at 6.00 euro.

Montenegro #4

"Winter Olympic Torino"

date 7 Feb 2006, author M. Kalezic, with same paper, printer, perforation like previous issue.
Quantity come to "normal" 32 000 (Thank's Good), overall - I think that they have one nice set, also designed FDC is in "good taste".

set = 1.50/2.50 E,
sheet of 8+tab = 12.00/20.00 E,
FDC = 2.00/4.00 E.

Montenegro #3

"50 yr of first issue 'Europa'"

I really don't know what is need of this issue or better to say, what's for to issue common design "Europa" and also "50 yr of Europa" in same calendar year?
Just to "press" collectors to spend more money? Answer is YES!

date: 3 Jan 2006,
in same studio, paper and perforation is same like previous issue, printing technoque same.

Printed in sheet of 16 stamp (4 set) + 4 tabs between two set.
Quantity is 505 000 sets - really no need for this quantity, but compared with "Coat of Arms" it is significant decline.

let's see prices:

set = 5.50/8.25 E,
set+tab = 5.50/10.00 E,
sheet of 4 set+tab = 22.00/33.00 E,
sheet/block = 5.50/9.00 E,
block imperforated (different design) = 5.50/9.00 E,
FDC = 3.25/6.00 E.

Again "game" with collectors - what's for is block/sheet perforated and next sheet/block imperforated - I cry - what for?
And as today, May 25, 2010 - I received material from public auction, where I purchased one s/s of this issue, with shifted perforation!

On auction catalog is nicely stated, "shifted perforation" - just-just-just, I made like usually some "exploration", scanned image, zoomed by simple pro gramme of Picasa (from Google) - and what I see? So poorly manipulated perforation, so poorly produced fake perforation - no one can not explain me that it is original from printing plant!

Middle row, horizontally - I see even color marking that was like "guide" for someone perforating machine, that is in dimension smaller than s/s perforation machine (it is in half size of original, just for two stamp) - and this middle row are perforated twice time, that caused hole to be ellipse and not round - and plus this color marking that are applied before perforation happened!

Hope that I will receive response from auction owner, and also from post of Montenegro.

At present this "shifted perforation" are valued at 36.00 euro.

Montenegro #2

"Europa 2006 - Gastronomy"

Here we have one common issue with Europ countries, that it is this year "Gastronomy".

Again design by Axis Studio,
same printer like #1,
same paper CPL 105 gr,
perforation 13 1/4,
in sheetlet of 8+1 tab,
set of two stamps,
face value 0.75/2.00,
complete set contain 2 stamps + sheet (block) + booklet (karnet).

Here is something that make me confused.
Set and block is same design and same stamp, pictured plate with food, that math topic "Gastronomy", but "in cover" of same topic, they issued booklet (that I received/purchased) without protective cover/pages, just simple block (sheet), but what is in question, is that design of this "booklet" is different from set. It is imprinted "Evropa - gastronomy", but have picture of bee and cup of honey (0.25 e) and second value is glass of wine and grape.
To which topic select this "booklet"?

what dealer say about prices:

set = 0.75/2.00 E,
set+tab = 0.75/3.00 E,
block/sheet = 0.75/1.75 E,
sheet of 8+tab = 6.00/10.00 E,
FDC = 1.25/2.25 E,
booklet = 0.75/4.00 E.

Right now (4/XII/2007) visited eBay auction, and to be fair - all who didn't purchase this issue from beginning, they made great mistake!!!

I see that dealer in Germany are asking for set of this issue (set+block+booklet) just 99.00 euros, others seller just follow this trend, it will be one rare item, and even Post of Montenegro didn't have it in stock anymore.

And now that I have Michel catalogue in hand - I see that I was in right about this issue. Last contact with one person that are willing to sell this issue, made me "cry" - he is asking:

set = 10.00 euro,

kleinbogen (sheet) = 90.00 euro,

booklet = 90.00 euro,

s/s = 16.00 euro,

s/s imperforated = 30.00 euro.

What borrow me mostly is that FDC is non-standard dimension, too big to keep it in any album, and most of all that FDC cover have design of booklet stamp with "gastronomy" stamp on it.

Monday, June 19, 2006

Montenegro #1

Ahhhhhhhh, let's see what is issued in postage section, I will try to give maximum precise information that is available to me at present, and will state face value and dealers value, that is asked at present (face value will be in light and dealers in bold letters).

Montenegro Coat of Arms (national symbols),

Issued: 15 Dec 2005,
by Axis Studio,
printed by CPU Sarajevo (Bosnia and Herzegovina),
paper: CPL 105 gr,
perf.: 13 1/4,
in sheet of 20 and sheet of 8+2 tabs,
set of 4 value,
face value for set = 1.75 /2.50 E,
sheetlet of 8+2 = 14.00/18.00 E,
FDC = 3.75/6.00 E,

Quanity of (great!!!!!) 2.000.000 set.

This is something!
2mil for country of population less than 1m!
What's for?
But everybody have his own system and I think they know why it is printed in 2mil sets.
Little critic for FDC (photo).
Someone who give permission for design didn't think or better to say, didn't see by ordinary peoples eye, it look like to some dark cloud around soil.
If soil on picture present Montenegro, what that mean this dark cloud?

Just received info about first reprint issue of this first set.

Still don't have any samples to show, because from Montenegro Post Service, I received two sheet of 20 but with year 2005! I have issue from 2005 but it is in sheet of 8+2tab format (with year printed in gold), and now they delivered me sheet of 20 (officially printing sheet is of 20) with year printed in black.
On cover (shown) I see postage used from 2005 year and one stamp (left-middle row, first from left) is with year printed 2006 - now question is with which year issue need to be on reprint issue? I think 2006 - in this case, administrator who prepare shipment to me, simply don't know what is reprint issue - sadly!!!!!
Also I must to notice one great "patriotism" over label use, there we see "R" label, but with inscription of SR Yugoslavia!!! Few year pass of independence and they still use Yugoslavian labels - it made me good feelings!

Sunday, June 18, 2006

Postally Used Cover:

Just one sample, which made me angry.
See, this is cover from shipment of my order, first six issue, that was weight 477 gr.
Well packed, protected with heavy carton, inside all separated by envelopes, folders, stickers.
weight of ambalage have 80% of total weight, O.K. I agree with it, but I have great problem to accept postage, that I pay!!!
It is 12.35 Euro, and it is "in frame" with EU prices, (even that Montenegro is still far away from EU membership and law), BUT-BUT if I pay for postage, I want postage stamp to be attached on envelope, with clear cancel on it!!!!!!
What I received? Simple cover, simple label, no cancel.
Not something that I'm happy (yes - it is my problem and who care?).

I have just luck to noticed one cancel from Israelian Post Tax Authoriy, that stated "tax free", and one more "nice" point:
They still use post label (instead of postage stamp), that is inscribed "Jugoslavija", even that Yuogoslavia was destroied before few years, and Serbia and Montenegro (Country) is also gone, and Montenegro is independent country - but again, they still use "Jugoslavija" inscription.
What about prices for this item/s? I contacted few dealers there in Montenegro, and ALL of them, for simple "canceled to order" cover, they ask between 5-20 euros for each (regarding face value on it), and I think that for this really postally used, with label even, can reach, after few year, some around 15.00 Euro.

Montenegrop Postage Due #4:

My opinion is that author (again R. Bojanic) have some "problem" with colors, it is too "gray" scale, but maybe it was intention of him, because this issue is named "Let's Grow Forest", same like previous issue, face value of 0.05 Euro, sheet of 8+tab, same printing plant and offset printing.
Dealers is still keeping this prices high, because sheetlet of 8+tab, numbered will be hard to find, especially that we don't know what is quantity used, and what is sold to dealers.
Now they are asking 8.00 Euros for sheetlet of 8+tab.

Montenegro Postage Due #2 & 3

It was issued in 2002, and one was named: "Struggle against Cancer" (Flower and yellow ball), with face value 0.05 Euro.
Issued like before in sheetlet of 8+tab, printed in same printing plant like before, with no detailed information for technical process.
I just see that it is also offset printing, nice combination with color, design from R. Bojanic, but quantity printed is still unknown.
Dealer around is asking for this sheetlet of 8+tab clearly 10.00 euro.
Too high? I think that for first of issue, from this "new" country, it is worth, because it will be valuable.

Lets talk little about other picture, that is for "Protect Scadar Lake and Pelican".

Topic that many collectors will need for collection, same issued in 8+tab, in same printing plant, same author, same 2002 yr, and same face value of 0.05 Euro.

Dealers? Asking high 8.00 Euro for sheetlet of 8+tab. What is special, it is numbered every sheetlet issued, and I noticed it for this two issue, but previous (Fight Violence on Woman) is missing numbering print.

Montenegro Postage Due 2001:

Here we have two identical pictures of one issue, which still I didn't find in any of major catalogues.

One was named "Fight against Force over Woman", issued 2001, issued in sheetlet of 8 + tab, and pictured is one sheetlet with author initials imprinted on one stamp.
This imprint is visible just with lens/magnifier.

My opinion is that it is well designed, but printed in standard offset printing, in Novi Sad, Serbia (Voivodina), by Forum printing plant.

Quantity, perforation is not available at present, and face nominal of stamp alone is 0.10+0.05 Euro. Market value (as today) is 10.00 eurofor sheetlet of 8+tab.
For pair of two printed in brown color, dealer are asking about 25.00 euro. And for FDC, which was auctioned recently in Belgrade, I pay full 12.00 euro.