Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Montenegro #3

"50 yr of first issue 'Europa'"

I really don't know what is need of this issue or better to say, what's for to issue common design "Europa" and also "50 yr of Europa" in same calendar year?
Just to "press" collectors to spend more money? Answer is YES!

date: 3 Jan 2006,
in same studio, paper and perforation is same like previous issue, printing technoque same.

Printed in sheet of 16 stamp (4 set) + 4 tabs between two set.
Quantity is 505 000 sets - really no need for this quantity, but compared with "Coat of Arms" it is significant decline.

let's see prices:

set = 5.50/8.25 E,
set+tab = 5.50/10.00 E,
sheet of 4 set+tab = 22.00/33.00 E,
sheet/block = 5.50/9.00 E,
block imperforated (different design) = 5.50/9.00 E,
FDC = 3.25/6.00 E.

Again "game" with collectors - what's for is block/sheet perforated and next sheet/block imperforated - I cry - what for?
And as today, May 25, 2010 - I received material from public auction, where I purchased one s/s of this issue, with shifted perforation!

On auction catalog is nicely stated, "shifted perforation" - just-just-just, I made like usually some "exploration", scanned image, zoomed by simple pro gramme of Picasa (from Google) - and what I see? So poorly manipulated perforation, so poorly produced fake perforation - no one can not explain me that it is original from printing plant!

Middle row, horizontally - I see even color marking that was like "guide" for someone perforating machine, that is in dimension smaller than s/s perforation machine (it is in half size of original, just for two stamp) - and this middle row are perforated twice time, that caused hole to be ellipse and not round - and plus this color marking that are applied before perforation happened!

Hope that I will receive response from auction owner, and also from post of Montenegro.

At present this "shifted perforation" are valued at 36.00 euro.

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