Sunday, June 18, 2006

Montenegro Postage Due 2001:

Here we have two identical pictures of one issue, which still I didn't find in any of major catalogues.

One was named "Fight against Force over Woman", issued 2001, issued in sheetlet of 8 + tab, and pictured is one sheetlet with author initials imprinted on one stamp.
This imprint is visible just with lens/magnifier.

My opinion is that it is well designed, but printed in standard offset printing, in Novi Sad, Serbia (Voivodina), by Forum printing plant.

Quantity, perforation is not available at present, and face nominal of stamp alone is 0.10+0.05 Euro. Market value (as today) is 10.00 eurofor sheetlet of 8+tab.
For pair of two printed in brown color, dealer are asking about 25.00 euro. And for FDC, which was auctioned recently in Belgrade, I pay full 12.00 euro.

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