Monday, June 19, 2006

Montenegro #1

Ahhhhhhhh, let's see what is issued in postage section, I will try to give maximum precise information that is available to me at present, and will state face value and dealers value, that is asked at present (face value will be in light and dealers in bold letters).

Montenegro Coat of Arms (national symbols),

Issued: 15 Dec 2005,
by Axis Studio,
printed by CPU Sarajevo (Bosnia and Herzegovina),
paper: CPL 105 gr,
perf.: 13 1/4,
in sheet of 20 and sheet of 8+2 tabs,
set of 4 value,
face value for set = 1.75 /2.50 E,
sheetlet of 8+2 = 14.00/18.00 E,
FDC = 3.75/6.00 E,

Quanity of (great!!!!!) 2.000.000 set.

This is something!
2mil for country of population less than 1m!
What's for?
But everybody have his own system and I think they know why it is printed in 2mil sets.
Little critic for FDC (photo).
Someone who give permission for design didn't think or better to say, didn't see by ordinary peoples eye, it look like to some dark cloud around soil.
If soil on picture present Montenegro, what that mean this dark cloud?

Just received info about first reprint issue of this first set.

Still don't have any samples to show, because from Montenegro Post Service, I received two sheet of 20 but with year 2005! I have issue from 2005 but it is in sheet of 8+2tab format (with year printed in gold), and now they delivered me sheet of 20 (officially printing sheet is of 20) with year printed in black.
On cover (shown) I see postage used from 2005 year and one stamp (left-middle row, first from left) is with year printed 2006 - now question is with which year issue need to be on reprint issue? I think 2006 - in this case, administrator who prepare shipment to me, simply don't know what is reprint issue - sadly!!!!!
Also I must to notice one great "patriotism" over label use, there we see "R" label, but with inscription of SR Yugoslavia!!! Few year pass of independence and they still use Yugoslavian labels - it made me good feelings!

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