Saturday, October 23, 2010

It was long time from my last post that I didn't write - not my fault, but probably, I'm not so big client of Montenegro Post, and receive new issue just once per year - what to do, even that last shipment cost me not so small amount.

Let's start to see what we have in:

3-2010 - "Personalities", Danilo Kis (1935-1989):

Writer, born in Subotica (Serbia, Voivodina), some will include this issue to Judaica topic, because father of person was Jew (deported to Auschwitz), but this can be problematic, because mother of Danilo was Montenegrian. However - he was one of best in his profession and deserve to be on stamp. Issue have date of Feb 22, 2010, with face value of 0.50 e, not small amount to spend for one stamp.

4-2010 "Flora":

Issued on March 18, 2010 - set of four stamp, face value of 2.35 e, under name "Flora - Melliferous Plant" - probably Post of Montenegro think that they will made one "big deal" to issue set with high face value, in printing sheet of 5+gutter, FDC and CM - it will be too much for simple collectors to pay - even that

design is not bad, but hardly to say that it is attractive. For instance - gutter show us flower and seed of each plant - but it is in color that actually "hide" fine detaile of so beautiful plant and drawing. sadly - this design and color use are applied to all four stamp. Each stamp present plant as follow: 0.25 e (Slvia Officialis L.), 0.50 e (Satureja Subspicata Bartl.ex Vis), 0.60 e (Tilia Tomentosa Moench), and 1.00 e (Epilobium Angustifolium L.).

5-2010 "Europa", Children's Literature:

Issued on April 22, 2010. Set of 2 stamp, one mini sheet (2 stamp also), face value for full set and m/s is 3.00 e. Now because it is printed in sheet of 8 stamp with gutter on middle, collector will need to prepare nice amount of money to have one issue that don't deserve this money. Design is usually "face" of topic, and topic is children's book - according it - we have also children's drawing on stamp design. because my profession and because people that I know from Montenegro, I can say - that person who approved this design, probably receive one order to choice just this design - Montenegro have much-much better artist and better illustration to choice!

6-2010 :Religion", St. Vasilije of Ostrog:

Issued on May 12, 2010 - single stamp, face value 0.50 e. Important issue for history of one country. Celebrating 400 yr of birth Saint - not every country in this world have this occassion You will agree! Design is with some kind of hidden massage - where we have all space of FDC and CM printed in "blood red" and in right up corner - one "sun" on it is attached stamp of Saint - in the case that I will be observant - I will keep it in my room all the time! Stamp design alone is lets say "good".

7-2010 World Cup - South Africa:

Issued on Jun 11, 2010 - one single stamp, face value of 1.50 e, my comment - Funny issue design, simple - even very simple, I don't see reason why to made one and half euro face value - 0.25 e is more than deserve - but probably, because FIFA want more money, Montenegro Post didn't have other option to collect revenue and pay for usage of FIFA event logo.

8-2010 "Tourism":

It continue like every year, promotion of tourism in this small country, and like usually, we have set of 4 stamp, face value 2.35 e. Really one expensive set - not because 4 stamp only, but because it is printed in sheet of 5 with gutter in, and also in booklet format that is different from main sheet format - if You will like to have it in complete like will be mentioned in Michel catalog - You will need to have sheet of 5 set, and booklet pane and set alone included in collection - that will take You like 7 full set - if face value for set is 2.35 e x 7 = 16.45 e GREAT expense! Worth to have it? I think - hmmmmmmmmm - no!

9-2010 "Navigation - Ship":

Issued Jul 8, 2010. Thanks God, one nice issue that are made this year - probably will be winner for best stamp of the year in Montenegro. Also very affordable face value of 0.25 e - really nice from Montenegro Post! Issue are to celebrate "First Montenegrin long-cruise steamship under Montenegro flag". Ship named Jaroslav, arrived to Montenegro 1890 like an gift of the Russian Czar, but ship is built in America, delivered to Russia and from there to Montenegro - King/Prince of Montenegro used it like yacht. It was good time for rich - isn't?

10-2010 "Dynasty":

Don't ask me why they issued this stamp, probably to keep proud of nation on alert - but 650 year of one Dynasty is not something that can be put aside, many-many country on this planet don't have even 10% of this year in history - You will agree. Minimum face value of 0.25 e - that can be also included to Architecture topic because there is one castle, and also Archeology topic because on FDC is ruins of this castle. Issued on Jul 15, 2010 - single stamp in set.

11-2010 "Power Plant":

Issued on July 19, 2010 - to celebrate first power plant in Montenegro (from 1910), again - it is built (power plant) to serve Prince residence and street that surround this residence! I was thinking that it serve some hospital - but no - near same like today - isn't? Again minimal face value of 0.25 e - but designed like if someone want to hide it from person that will look at stamp - at first glance - You will not recognized about what is talking here! yellow, brown and black in use - on small paper will usually give You confused picture - long road to learn - sorry, not for my collection!

12-2010 "Kingdom revival":

If You don't know history and today situation in Montenegro, You will think that after 100 yr - there King come back! No - it is just revival of kingdom, that was long time ago in Montenegro - I will say - probably issue of stamp for this occasion is correct - just to show that Balkan have also King/s and Princes - nice - isn't? They even give it importance by face value, it is not minimum, but double - 0.50 e for single stamp - that i recommend to include in collection, because it is nice topic and keep history alive! Issued on August 28, 2010, stamp and FDC in option.

1-EMS label:

I must show it for reason that Montenegro Post start to use this service - and because it drive me crazy, but also give me satisfaction.
satisfaction is because it go relatively fast, and straight to Your door - not waiting for public company service to made job. But it also have it prices of too much for too little! My shipment arrived to me in the morning - it have an 0.459 kg weight, and cost me postage of 27.15 euros!!!! Now You know, why any dealer that pay for shipment, will not sell You new issue less than double of face value? I take my lens to see what is written on "EE" label - and discovered that postage pay is zero!!!!!!! God, I pay more than 27.00 e and You stick one label without face value like proof that I actually pay for it?! I again took "EMS Label" and read:

date received to post: 28 Sept. 2010
date delivered to me: 22 Oct. 2010
Total charges: 0.00

God! Something is wrong here! EMS is introduced instead of "EXPRESS" service worldwide - isn't? Someone discovered that this way, ordinary citizen will pay more for service that almost existed, but - because revenue need to be rise - we say to citizen - no EXPRESS any more - You want it to be delivered as soon as possible - pay it double prices and deliver by EMS. What I received? One months delivery time for 27.00 euros! Who is here of to explain me - why it is so great charge, why one months delivery time and why no proof that I pay for it (thanks God, I keep my Invoice).

Till next - just hope to better future. And by way - no news from Serbian Post about new issue and new issue delivery - they are still in blackout regarding "Jugomarka" distributor, they still don't have any new contractor to print and distribute new issue stamp, they still don't know who is responsible for this to blame - ANARCHY (but in Serbia is Democracy in power).
Sometime Democracy/Capitalism mean also CHAOS and ANARCHY!