Saturday, December 10, 2016

4-2016 and up

4-2016 "Flora":

19 April, 2016 issue under "Flora", one single stamp is here, showing Flora Velemun (Gentiana kochiana). decorative plant that can be find in mountainous place.
Simple design, face value of 0.95 euro, so, if You collect "Flora" it will be easy item for collection.

5-2016 "Carbon Footprint":

22 April, 2016 under name of "Reduce Your Carbon Footprint".
Very strange name and design (footprint in color on middle of stamp, full green color forest), that sometimes, I think if exist in Montenegro someone who think about postage stamps and design at all!
Intention to make us think about Nature and our surrounding, with small change in everyday lives, message is that we can save and slow climate changes. 
Idea alone is good, but if we can change Nature with this small moves I don't know, as just to produce paper for postage stamp, take some forest down - so, how exactly to make it happen?
Again 0.95 euro face value, but You can not make this stamp to Your collection just in case if You collect topic as "Climate Changes".

6-2016 "EUROPA":

9 May, 2016, and it is something funny, as we see that Montenegro Post made one issue before under "Climate Change" (probably as dual issue for EUROPA), so, we have again "Climate Change" in our topic, just now You can combine it with EUROPA topic, and yeah, pay little bit more!
Single stamp and one s/s in set, with common design of EUROPA, I don't like it at all!
You will need 0.95 euro for single stamp, next 0.95 euro for m/s, and if You want stamp with tab, than prepare next 2-3 euro. Design? Naive as I think!

7-2016 "Tourism":

You know, when someone made this design, probability that collectors will think about tourism are slim! Here we have shown one mosaic, Roman mosaic of Hypnos (Greek god).
As design is mosaic, everyone will first thing about Archaeology, and just after that, if You will shown it with combination of city, place, where it is located, than collectors will think about tourism.
As shown this mosaic, hardly that we will think Tourism.
Very low face value of 0.30 euro, for unattractive stamp!

8-2016 "10 yr of Independence":

You really think that this is design to celebrate 10 yr of Independence?
As I see it, it is some kind of medals, not something that will lead to thinking of independence!
Holly Spirit, where they go?!
And, as is, to keep importance of it, there is full 1.00 euro face value!

9-2016 "Nature Protection":

Ah, finally!
One better design, but still as amateur work only!
Showing us "Ali-Pasha's Springs"!
You know, this Ali-Pasha (Ali Pasa Sabanagicj (1828–1889), is not Montenegrin at all, but as political situation in Montenegro command, so politics are coming also to Philately and according that, we have shown Ali Pasha of Gusinje Springs! 
To be fair, terrain of Prokletije is great, simply great! Untouched Nature, springs, fresh air - all that this Albanian military commander enjoyed in his life! 
Design of FDC is bad as can be, but stamp alone is good enough to show us beauty of this place.

10-2016 "Olympic Rio":

Abstract Art - Holly Spirit!
Why to ruin this Greek god Zeus, with this modern design and colors from PC program?
So, they want it as is, and probably also like it! Let it be!
One single stamp plus one m/s in set - will take from You another 2-3.00 euro on market.
keep well with it!

11-2016 "Cathedral of St. Tryphon:"

Good one, probably best in 2016! And yeah, 850 years of this Cathedral, not simple and very important for Montenegro history! 
Design is really good made, with Cathedral in front of You, color composition well done!
Just, FDC are poorly made, as there is one Icon of this Holly Tryphon, in poor drawing.
I'm just sorry, that Post of Montenegro didn't make it in engraved technique, black print on yellow/creme background will have much better effect!
In any way, congratulation for this issue.
face value just under 1.00 euro, so well affordable!

12-2016 "Diplomatic Relations":

ten years of Diplomatic relation deserve much clever design than this one, which will be very confused with new collectors and with people that don't have well information about tiny country as is Montenegro.
If You will just look on stamp, You will probably think that P. R. of China just have another flag design - isn't?
To put Coat of Arms on P. R. China flag is little bit naive.

13-2016 "Uprising":

So, what I see from stamp?
Inca Temple somewhere in Peru or Bolivia - isn't?
Nooooo, it is Monument of Fallen soldier Partizan on hill of Gorica near city of Podgorica!
In nature, Monument is really great made, as in forest on hill, and green surrounding, it is NOT as shown on this stamp, with so dark background that You will think it is "dark side of earth" - but, art is Art - so it is hard to discuss as not all people think same!

Friday, May 13, 2016

3-2016 Marine Tragedy:

3-2016 "Marine Tragedy":

This single stamp, issued on Feb. 27, 2016, with low face value of 0.30 euro, come little bit as surprise, because it remind us of WWI Marine tragedy, that happened near Albania coast, and caused by Allied forces, so some kind of "collateral damage" that cost too much human life.
Originally named as "100th Anniversary of the Medua Tragedy", showing us Brindisi (Italian steamer) ship, informing us, that board was 540 volunteers, from which just 145 are rescued. reason was Allied forces mine, that struck this ship.

Design come as little bit improvement, as here we have clear drawing and visibility of ship so, no need for lens to see it, so we can say, that stamp will be nice addition in every "Marine", "Ships" collection, more than that, it can be included in WWI specialized collection, so, demand will be in rise, as I think.

Face value of 0.30 euro per one sample, is affordable, but small sheet of 20 will cost You between 18 to 20.00 euros, and FDC (which are usually made in very low quantity), will be hard to find around as I see, no one offered it on web auctions.

Friday, February 26, 2016

Montenegro 2016 - start of the year:

Here we go, again, and again with so unattractive design, but what to say? Nothing come from Montenegro post Company, that can suggested some "better time" or that they intend to change design. So we go with:

1-2016 "National Costume - Hat":

Issued on Jan. 29, 2016 in set of two (2) stamps, and under name of "Art in Montenegro"!
result see alone, but, at first, I was thinking that some problem exist with this issue because I have feeling that politics made one very big influence in it!
There are two stamps, one is showing us Montenegrin maiden cap, and second Muslim maid cap, so ordinary collectors will think that in Montenegro live just two nationality, Montenegrin and Muslim (which Muslim? Albanian only as I know). So question are: "What with other nationality living in Montenegro"? Probably - next time!
design as usually, full color, "dark" background for one issue (Muslim cap), and much brighter for second are "bright" (Montenegrin).
I don't think that this issue will have any famous future!

2-1016 "Moljkovac Battle":

What I can say about this issue is - worst design! At first glance, without reading name of issue, I have opinion that design is showing us some kind of hangar, or even tunnel! Just with close look on stamp, I understand that it is battlefield, with flag fly on the corner.
Again, nothing that I will admire to the future. 
What worry me, are quantity printed for both issue, that now stand on 65 000 set/s which is actually, rise from 55 000 so, market will be flown without any good reason, as whole population of Montenegro are less than 1M.

Montenegro Postage dues (under: Serbia and Montenegro):

Will just inform, that after destruction of Yugoslavia, and separation of four Republics (Slovenia, Croatia, Macedonia, Bosnia), what was left from Yugoslavia, are renamed as Serbia and Montenegro.
In Serbia, was money in use DINAR, and Montenegro go with EURO.
Some of postage stamps and Postage Dues was valid in both Republics, and some are issued just for one, so was also this Postage Dues.

Montenegro Postage Due issues:
Here it is shown from the start of independence, as it is issued at the very problematic period, that even Michel catalog didn't listed it in 2015 edition under Montenegro. Reason are that this issues are made at the time when Montenegro was part of short lived independent country named Serbia and Montenegro, and I don't see it in Michel catalog listed in Yugoslavia or Montenegro.

I need to mention, that few of this stamps are printed in sheet of 100, and also in sheets of 8 stamps + 1 gutter on middle of sheet. There are also (in sheets of 100) stamps with engraver mark, so if You have any sample of it, check first if it have engraver mark, because market prices are very different for this stamp. 
Some of stamp, with engraver mark, on FDC can reach even 250/300 euros on market, so, keep an eye on it!