Saturday, September 23, 2006

No 8 - here we come with nice design for stamp, but on FDC is (again) some "dark sky", like before tornado - I have an feeling that author is using it intentionally.

No 7 - FDC design is (my opinion) o.k. - but stamps alone is more in frame of "amateur" dravings.

No 10 used cover - because I didn't obtain FDC with s/s, I used this way, to create "privat" FDC for this issue.

No 10 issued in sheetlet of 8+2 tab, think that it is more than common philatelist need.

o Here is FDC of Europa issue, and again they made it just with stam.
FDC with s/s is not issue, even that s/s is in different design.

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Montenegro #7, 8 and 9

Here is some new issue, number 7 is for "Football Champ in Germany"
(face value of set+block is 3.oo e),

8 is for "Tourism" (face value for set is 0.75 e),

and 9 is for "Independence" (face value for single value is 0.50 E).

Printing house in CPU Sarajevo, on paper CPL 105 gr, offset, perforation 13 1/4, issued in sheetlet 8+1 tab.

It is all same for this three issue, and what to say except that it is in common quality and design.
Number 7 author is M. Kalezic, #8 from N. Skocajic and #9 from J. Simonovic.

Quantity for #7 = 2 value x 32 000 pcs, #8 = 2 value x 32 000 pcs and #9 = 1 value x 25 000 pcs.

Not much for one country, hope that they will keep it in this way.