Friday, December 20, 2013

Montenegro - Crna Gora, 2013 (still not all):

12-2013 "Aviation - 100 year":

As this year, few countries made this topical, I have privilege to compare just three countries, and have so bad feeling when talking Montenegro issue. Are this people, who decide to go out with such naive, simple, not attractive design, really thinking that it is the way to promote own country with stamp as this?

There, I have in stock issue from Serbia and Israel. Compare it with Montenegro, and say which one You will buy! Montenegro made one simple "sketch" of airplane on one stamp, and Serbia go with booklet format of six perfectly made stamp, Israel go with three postage stamp, that have design far above art. More than that, Israel made also booklet option, and one expensive printing sheet edition! All with intention of celebrating 100 yr of aviation in the own country, and it is not "just" day - it is very important event for any serious country!

Single stamp, Sep. 5, 2013,  0.30 euro face value, sheet format of 20 stamps.

13-2013 "National Hero Lj. Cupic":

If Montenegro Post want to celebrate JUST 100 year of birth for this person, design is "in frame". But because this person made some event, left an great mark on Yugoslavia (Montenegro) hard time during WWII, this issue need much-much more artist design and public attention. Here is talking about hero, that stand "death row" with smile on the face till last second of his life. Making enemy soldier so desperate, that story about him go for long time, till today around!

Again, one stamp in, low face value of 0.30 euro, date of issue Oct. 10, 2013, sheet of 20.

14-2013 "Joy of Europe":

I have feeling that "artist idea" in design power is going empty, as year come to the end!
Nice topic, that come on market every year, "Joy of Europe" mean, "Joy of Young", joy of children - and probably it need to be one nice design, that adult person will "at first glance" understand that here is talking about youth, about young people, about health future of nation.
From design that we have now, I see one nice children drawing, that will push You to think about some kind of "dream" to fly own life in the dark sky!

What to say? Nothing! I keep silent!

Again one stamp here, in sheet of 8 + 1 gutter, now with much higher face value of 0.95 euro.
Issued on Oct. 22, 2013.

Postage Due 2013:

As usually, every few months gov't will collect some money to support cause of Red Cross and anti-TBC fighting. Even that I think, that it need to be basic obligation of gov't alone, there is practice, to collect revenue from public that send and use post service. On every mail, at the specific time period, must be attached one stamp whole week. Single stamp have face value of 0.25 euro, that is not small amount to pay! And no dealer will give it less than 1.00 euro per single.