Friday, March 13, 2009

2009 year start:

1-2009: "Art in Montenegro Through Centuries:

to celebrate 125 yr of Theater in Nikshich (Niksic) town, really great achievement with long tradition from 1884 year. 1 stamp issue, 0.25 euro affordable face value, with one "newspaper" photo of building and ornament - where is here designer imagination, profession and art? Starting year like this will result in all year like this - but it is not our (collectors) problem - I think that Post of Montenegro need one independent consultant - isn't?

2-2009: "1200 yr Tryphun the Martyr":

One nice history item for Montenegro and Venetian related merchant - relatively nice issue that can fit to archaeology, religious, history topic for collectors, set of 2 stamp, with face value of 1.00 euro (I think that Montenegro Post want to be prepared for EU prices when and if they join EU).

3-2009 "Braille Letter":

yeah - important, and finally little bit improvement in design. One stamp in set, face value of 0.60 euro. FDC also in good style.

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