Friday, July 07, 2006

Scott Listing for Montenegro Issue

Finally we have it on last issue of Scott Stamp Montly issue (page 78).

First issue for "Coat of Arms and Flag" is numbered by Scott #123-126 set of four value, mint or used have price of 4.25 $ for set,

"Europa" issue have number 127-128 set of two, with price 1.90 $, I think that it is too low for "Europa" issue, but...,

next come "50 yr Europa issue" with numbers 129 for horizontal strip of 4, and priced 13.50$, and "regular" set is valued just 8.50$.

Block (s/sheet) for this issue is numbered 130 and valued to same 13.50$ (it is some error? value for set to be same like for set in strip format!).

Follow set "Winter Olympic" set of 2 numbered 131-132 and valued to 3.75$.

Last for now is "Flowers" in same set for 2, numbered 133-134, and valued at 1.90$.

"Coins" set received numbers 135-136 and value for 2.40$.

"2006 World Cup - Germany" numbered 137-138 and s/s 139 valued 4.00$ per set and 4.00$ per s/s.

Now we come accross listing in Scott "National Symbols" numbered 140-142 (? think it is error) and valued 3.25$.

"Tourism" come next, 143-144 valued 2.00$.

"Independence" one stamp 145 valued 1.25$.

"Europe 2006" set 146-147 4.00$ and s/s with it 148 4.00$.

"Ivo Visin" sailor/ship go 149 for 1.00$.

"Stamp Day" is 150 for 0.65$.

"Paiting of Mona Lisa" 151 for 1.25$.

"Cultural Heritage" 152-153 go for 1.25$.

Yes - Scott give them good starting position, in "regular" option issue, but we have here some issue with tab on middle of set (sheet of 8+1 tab), sheet of 20 with margin tab, etc, that will increase value of issue.

All in all - good beginning, let's see where it will finished!

See that after "Coin" issue, Scott value is going down with value, for sure result is quantity and demand, that affected it - hope that Montenegrin authority will do something if they want to keep it valued on market, but same - I'm afraid they will miss point and continued with same policy.

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