Wednesday, February 07, 2007

# 14 for "Joy of Europe"

where some nice use of Leonardo's "Madonna" by author Nikola Markovic.

Original print is for promotion of 500 yr of "Madonna" and artis say that "...Mona Lisa was also child like all of us".

Issued on 10 October 2006, again printed in sarajevo, by same standard and paper, perforation like other issue, in same printing sheet of 20 numbered. face value 0.50 euro, little bit higher than previous, but still not expensive.

Dealer is selling it for 0.75 euro, FDC for 2.00 euro, and block of four is 4.00 euro.

Quantity is 40 000 pieces, 10 000 more than usually, maybe Montenegro Post is betting on topic and think that it will sold more because of Mona Lisa.

FDC - I must say again, author of this FDC have lot of color for disposal - if You want to postally use this FDC, You will need marker to writte address!!!!

Cancel on FDC - Hmmmmm - not that You will recognized Mona Lisa at first glance.

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