Saturday, July 28, 2007

# 16, 17, 18, 19, 20, 21 and 22:

#16 I will reserve photo for first reprint issue, that is issued from set Flag and map, first ever issued, but because I didn't received proper material from Montenegro Post, I'm affraid to publish photo because possible error in photo.

#17 is for Introduction of Gregorian Calendar, one really good design, especially on sheet of 8+1 tab, where tab design will satisfy many collectors.
Issued on Jan 4, 2007, face value of 0.50 euro, but for sheet of 8+1 prepare much more!!!!

#18 is for Protected Animal - Pelican, that we know this topic from begining, when Montenegro issued postage due with same topic to protect Pelicans in Montenegro.

This issue is printed on Jan 7, 2007, with face value of 0.50 euro, and for sheet of 8+1 You will need near 30% more!

#19 go to common EUROPA issue, that is this year for Scout, again postal clerk in Montenegro made one "ops" in order, and didn't delivered me FDC for this issue, but on scan You will see in set format, sheet of 8+1, block and block from booklet. Issued on April 20, 2007. Finally FDC for set, s/s and block is here! Prices for all three FDC cover is now for 22.00 US$.

Face value for two set is 1.50 euro but dealer will rise it for minimum of 3.00 euro, and also for booklet and block You will need to prepare 120 and 150% from face value.

#20 go for Fauna issue, that many collector will need to include in collection. Issued on May 11, 2007, nice design and not so expensive, just 0.75 euro face value - but again dealer will made it two time more!

#21 is issued on Jun 21, 2007 to celebrate 350 year of Montenegrin people in Istria. 1 value, face priced to 0.60 euro, and dealer will rise it to 20% more.

#22 is for Regular Postage Issue in 2007, and have 4 stamp with different topic, nature, old printing, maps, fingerprint - can be classified really like regular.

All 4 have 1.75 euro face value, and dealer will not have much more than 5-10% over face value.


Anonymous said...

Awesome stamps man. Thanks for posting this!!

Uday said...

cool collection of stamps

Anonymous said...

nice blog you have, miloje!
a little help needed here. i've uploaded a scan of some stamps i can't identify. you can observe them using the following link:
it's the best scan quality i could get. hope you with your knowledge and experience will be able to decypher them. also please estimate, at least roughly, their value (if they have any, of course)!
thanks in advance,
all best to you

Balkanstamp said...

to anonymous:

Thanks about Your comment, but like You see, I deal with some Balkan countries.

I visited Your scan and what I see is stamp from:

SAAR (few cent catalog value),

Hungary (that can be valued from 100 to 1000) which need someone's specialist opinion for this country,

Austria (that I'm not common with),

France (from 100$+ catalog value) - this one also need expert,

and one (red, dime face value) that I'm not common at all.

If You want to find more detaile about this material, and if You have wish to "little" invest, You can visit APS (American Philatelic Association) web site (, there You have option "quick identifier", and from there, You will receive precise answer.

Not from big help, but I hope - but, if I can help something, just contact me again.

Anonymous said...

thanks miloje for your quick response!
i've checked the site but their quick identyfier seems to be too expensive for my pocket. i'll try elsewhere instead.
thanks again for your answer & tip!