Friday, October 12, 2007

#24 come to navigation (Navy Ship):

I really don't understand why they named it "Navigation" because on design we don't see nothing that can suggest this topic, except that ships need to be navigated, but all things on this planet have same need?!

Issued on August 1, 2007, single stamp face value 0.60 euros, but dealer are keeping it still at 2x face value, if You collect ships - be sure to obtain it even if You will need to pay 1.20 euros for this single.

Design is correct, little bit too much of "fog" used, but it is correct if we take in account that "navigation" is in topic. What is nice for this issue - is printing sheet of 8 + 1 tab - and this tab have an lighthouse on it - Hmmmmmmm - too much for collectors?

No - we need to ad also two kind of CM - what was need for it I don't know, one in blue color (sunrising?) and second in brown/gold color (sunset?) - not something that I like, it just keep more expenses for collectors - but, be fair - who care for collectors?

Prices for sheet of 8+tab go far as 9.60 euros, and CM can reach (2 pcs) 4.40 euros, FDC will cost You just 2.20 euros.


Anonymous said...

Do you have anything about the ship, her name may be ?

Balkanstamp said...

Regarding name of this sailboat - to my sorrow, no name are stated anywhere on publication of this issue. Not on CM and not on FDC or on tabs from printing sheet.

It is just stated: "Motif on the stampis the three-masts sailboat of the 'barcantine' type".

Even on the official site of Montenegro Post are not stated "personal" name of it.