Saturday, January 05, 2008


go for "Joy of Europe", like usually, every year (tradition from Yugoslavia), it is issued on Nov 2, 2007, with one stamp face value 0.50 euro, design one circle of dancing children, inside circle one dove, nothing special for this time, just full blue and yellow color - I don't think that it is worth to do it. Dealer are asking full 1.00 euro for single, 1.50 euro for FDC and sheet of 20 with inscribed border will need 10.00 euro.


 "100 year of region telephone traffic", issued Nov 9, 2007 - Funny, but if telephone line and traffic is like this one pictured on stamp, it will be better to travel there with Your own phone in pocket!!!

Not just that "message" from this stamp is confused, but I simply didn't understand it! Some kind of map and phone part on this map - contradictory colors, yeah - for someone who collect just to have stamp is good.
Face value is 0.75 euro, that mean that dealer will take 1.50 euro for set of two, and if You want FDC - prepare next 2.50 euro, set with tab on middle will ask 3.00 euro, and sheetlet of 8 + tab will ask full 12.00 euro.


issued Dec 5, 2007, named "New Year postage stamp" - I must to say - no nice, but I must to say: If they want to spoil New Year tradition - they made it! What is that design? Look on stamp (0.25 and 0.25 euro) something black, or dark blue on pieces of paper attached to cover, other two value (0.50 and 1.00 euro face) is little bit better. From "first sight" I think that they issued stamp for 'super nova" cosmos, or something from it - but no - it is for New Year celebration!! Terrible - no comment!!!

Set of 4 value will take from You 4.00 euro (dealer prices) and set of two FDC will be for 6.00 euro. I don't think that this issue will ever recover own face value in any of world catalogue.

In the end for this year (2007), I wish to show You new "R" label, that Montenegro start recently to use. If You scroll to beginning of this blog pages, You will find one used cover with "R" sticker, that bear "Yugoslavia" named, which was used from beginning of period, and now I see it first time that finally they designed new logo with Montenegro name on it.
Yes - with this, we "closed" 2007 year, and what I can say just that - let's hope, that someone in there will start to thing about postage stamp like art - not like job that need to be done.


Anonymous said...

Hi. Would you be interested in exchanging Stamps( Year Set ) and FDC Cover . If so i can offer you nice collection from India.

Is so please let me know.
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Balkanstamp said...

To my sorrow, at present it is impossible to made any exchange with new issue from Montenegro and/or Serbia against other countries, simple reason is that stamp and other postal material from this two countries are really hard to obtain on exchange basis.

Even some older issue from Montenegro and Serbia are selling now on eBay by 10x face value, sometimes even more - this countries have one small quantities printed and to exchange it will be impossible even 1 against two. I personally can not accept it.