Thursday, August 13, 2009

4-2009: Art in Montenegro #2, issued April 8, 2009

Let say one simple and clear! Why they still don't care about artistic improvement, more quality and more imagination in producing stamp with topic "ART"?
This three value set, that celebrated 125 year of Balkan Empress Performance, 75 year of birth V. Nikolic and 525 year Crnojevic Monastery.
All is important for Montenegro itself, even that Monastery can not be classified like "ART" but more to "Religion" or Architecture, or probably History - because Icons (that are not shown on stamp itself) that existed inside monastery - hardly it can go to "Art" topic!
This three stamp, ( really like this one with portrait of V. Nikolic, that illustrated artist in dare situation, probably bank personal problem, possible economic hard time in theatre where he worked?) have an face value of 1.50 euro, will be easy obtained from any dealer by face value, probably You will pay more for tab version of set, and sheetlet of 9 stamp will ask You for premium.

5-2009: Fauna-Fish, issued April 16, 2009

What to say about? Nothing! Instead to show us from more close view this 4 fish, we have one artistic message - with some "line" included. Probably it is "genetic" line, or "road map" - or "road to pan"??? Funny, but I saw many better made, more precise made issue with this topic.

Set alone have just 1.75 euro face value, no - this time from dealer You will not received it by face value, but with 20% more probably yes. Fish on stamp is: Bleak, Black umber, Ukljeva and Krap (Alburnus Scoranza, Heckel & Kner 1858, Cyprinus Carpio, Linneaus 1758).

Sheetlet of 5 set and one tab will cost You more than face value, but it is unavoidable, because this topic is frequent.

6-2009: EUROPA 2009 issue, "Astronomy", issued April 16, 2009

You know, I saw many "wrong" design in my life - but this one can be "classic" of all! Probably they intended to made it for "Children's Art" or other, but for EUROPA issue it didn't fit! From first sight, someone will see one ice cream cornet, and "Christmas Star" - one is common in both stamp, and it is some kind of ice cream with choco-chips, that need to be an comet. what to do - not everyone have in mind that what I have, and not everyone like what I like.
How much money to prepare? Face value for two stamp and block is just 3.00 euro, but You will not have it by this prices.

7-2009: Tourism in Montenegro, issued April 16, 2009

Little improvement in graphic design, but nothing new in stamp market, what they want to say and tell us is that Tourism is made from water skiing, rafting, canyon rafting and paragliding. Something that is common to all tourism destination around globe! Let's say - that if I will propose other that this? What You thing if I will made it from Sv. Stefan view of old building, sunshine in Budva coast, probably mountain panoramic view where is Ostrog monastery, and one nice flight attendant in airport, with smile of course!? But, it is what we have, and set of 4 stamp will cost 1.75 euro face value, because nature, sport, and other topic where this issue will fit, this set will be in demand. Don't forget that here we have also one booklet option, inside booklet is one set in different design (margin) than sheetlet!

8-2009: 300 year of Njegosh, issued June 4, 2009

Not bad, we have one portrait of this great man, clearly visible, with part of his work in behind portrait. Don't mix it with other great man from this family (P. P. Njegosh) - here is mentioned Archbishop Vasilije Petrovic Njegosh. He was ruler of dynasty from 1740, during his time come proclamation of independence from Turkish Empire and bring more close ties with Russian. Many achievement made, from writing first history of Montenegro (1754) to education and other.
Can You show me country with 300 yr of history - oh yes - but how much?
Face value is affordable, just 0.40 euro, and it is printed in printing sheets of 20 - which I suggest to obtain.

9-2009: Sport #II, Universiade 2009, Belgrade, Serbia, issued June 4, 2009

If You will not look closely at this stamp, You will not find about what is talking, even that logo and mascot of this sport evening is there! Probably You will think that it is talking about "Youth Day" maybe "Student Day" and if You are extreme, "Proletariat of whole world - Unite"! No - I'm not cynic - and I really like Montenegro (my ancestor come from there) - but, I like to say thrue straight to the face. Face value 0.50 euro, sheet of 8 + one tab, set with tab - prepare premium to pay.
For now it is all - let's pray that future issue will come more "better" and more focused to the topic.