Thursday, August 22, 2013

Montenegro - Crna Gora, 2013 first four issue:

Finally, after so great effort and few "pilot" supplier, I made one contact from Montenegro, who, with big surprise, was effective, expeditive, precise - and most of all polite in dealing with client! (me).

Strange for You? Probably not for You so strange, but who know "Balkan" mentality will be very surprised!
As is - we advanced with second order from there, and let's see what will happen!
Here it is, first four issue in 2013:

1-2013, "Art in Montenegro":

What to say, Montenegro post continue with same "kind of design" to produce postage stamp, that can be classified like un-attractive, full of "hard" color, and I just have feeling that they absolutely didn't care about collectors opinion or even more, about attracting people to montenegro by use of Philately!

Here come this first issue in set of four stamp, with topic "Art" - can You see here one stamp that can really fit to "Art" topic? No, there was "Important People" (local), part of "National Costume", and "Icons" - all together mixed, can be some kind of "sub-Art" topic, but for sure not in main topic of "Art"!
Issue come out on Jan. 31, 2013 - four value, with face value of 2.45 euro per set! Not low value at all, it will be sold from dealer for double face value (4.50 euro), but if You want to specialize this country, and wish to have also printing sheet of 20, that will cost You lot - I just asked few dealer, to inform me about availability of printing sheet of 20, and all told me to prepare 100.00 euro +!!!
Reason? 15 000 set printed, some sold to "big" dealer in germany, some to every PO Branch, and what is left, is little to find freely on market!

2-2013, "Njegos'", writer, ruler, poet:

What to say, to celebrate 200 years of birth of this kind people, that actually made all Balkan countries more educated and organized, and to made so poor design - by my opinion, it is provocation! It is not enough just to print face of this respected person, no, it is not the way!
Issue come out on Feb. 22, 2013, single stamp, low as possible face value of 0.30 euro,  15 000 single stamp printed - let's see if You will have it in collection! It is printed in format of 8 stamp and gutter on middle, which resulted of 1875 small sheet on the market - 90% will be sold in this format, (1680) - too low for market!

3-2013, 200 year of annexation of Boka:

Even that official name for this issue use word "Union" instead of "Annexation", it will make just small difference, but actually difference are big!
Boka was not united with Montenegro, it was annexed by Montenegro, and same Njegos' ruler, after they defend French Napoleon Army, and declared union on 1813.
Design? No, it is far from "design of post stamp"! if You see, it is just "200" on postage stamp! What is behind "200" simple collector will not know if he will not read Wikipedia!
Single stamp, out on market on Feb. 27, 2013, again low value of 0.30 euro, again 15 000 printed, but now in printing sheet of 20, which will give You just 750 printing sheets available for specialized collectors of this country!

4-2013, "Flora and Fauna of Montenegro":

I have need to cry over this issue!
What is this olive color on the whole sheet? Something that suggest what? What it will (this color) confers? Are designer think that collectors will use magnifier to enjoy this flower and butterfly?
Issue come out on March 15, 2013, two stamp in set, face value of set is 1.75 euro! Where is logic?
For "important people" You print lowest possible face value, and for "Flora and Fauna" highest?
I can call it something like "less work - more profit" attempt! Let's see if market will buy it!

Again just 15 000 sets printed, in sheet of 20, 750 sheets available on market - and if someone will give it to You by double face value - take it!
(In confidence - dealer are asking 150.00 euro for sheet of 20).


Maya Freeman said...

Every year there have been a competition for designers which could contribute to stamps - and most of the years, the designers from Serbia have won the competitions.
Right now I don't know who is making those issues but you're right that they're not creative at all.. also philately as important fragment of postal services isn't a priority of Post at all.. they're promising that it will be soon changed but we're eager for that reform to start! Big hug from Montenegro

Balkanstamp said...

Just published next articles about issues that come on market, but again, no improvement in design or "idea" when making Philately, and using Philately in advertising and showing world beauty of Montenegro!

Edgar K. Haberer said...

refering to 1-2013,
"Art in Montenegro":
Even there are only 15.000 sets printed, that set is still available at the Montenegro Post Philately.
I just did order 100** stamps (5 sheets @20 stamps) of the 0,95 value as well as 25 FDC of the same. The invoice/delivery note is dated 3.2.2014.

Balkanstamp said...

Edgar, thanks for information about. I will be glad to see/hear when goods will arrive to You, and how much they (Post of Montenegro) charged shipping fee. I need to know it for just to compare improvement (or worsening) in service between time. As connected to FDC, I see in last catalog (M. Radicevic, 2011) that MOST of issues, there is no evidence of quantity FDC issued. Stamp/sets alone from 2013 will be available I think, for some period to come, because high face value of set (2.45 euro per set, 0.95 euro one that You mentioned)which will be hard to "swallow" by collectors around.

Anonymous said...

Greetings Miloje !
The 100 stamps "Madonna of Philermos" and the 25 FDC arrived here on January 31st, 2014.
Montenegro Post charged us 16 Euro which seems a lot but then the items where send with EMS / DHL Express and withour problems by German Customs who are always eager to cash in ;-)
It was however extremely difficult to get into contact with Montenegro Post, specially in view of the fact that I did not want the complete set of 4, but only the 0,95 valued stamp.
Montenegro did not answer my Emails, nor did they answer the phone. So I had to employ the Macedonian Ambassador to the Holy See and to the Sovereign Order of Malta and then they answerded very quickly.
Send me your e-mail address and I will send you a picture.
Best regards, Edgar

Balkanstamp said...

Edgar, I'm glad to hear, that in the end, material arrived! It is very strange that Managers in Post of Montenegro didn't think about service to people that want stamp, as I understand from web, there is very good discount to "big dealers", and (probably) Managers there simply didn't care about own company and "one-time" customer. But (as I'm born in Yugoslavia, and know well mentality of people in Montenegro), I'm very happy that You make contact by Ambassador of SO of Malta - can imagine the face and "pressure" of responsible person that didn't answer all emails and phone call, (:-)) - must be very surprised and angry when he finally received order to made work properly!