Wednesday, February 07, 2007

#15 is for "Cultural Heritage"

Here we come accross "archeology" on Montenegrian soil, where is design on stamp taken from Duklja (Doclea) archeological site, with artifact shown on stamp, with image of site.

Design alone is not for my 'taste' and most of collector for this topic (Archeology) will be "low" satisfacted, because artist used more his own vision and less fact artifact - but, it can be classified like "satisfactory".

Issued on 3 November 2006, artist J. Simonovic, same printer and same tehnique like before.

Quantity for 2 value is 2x30 000 pieces, printing sheet of 20 numbered.

Dealer is selling set (face is 2x0.25 euro) 0.75 euro, FDC go for 2.00 euro, and block of four/corner for 4.00 euro.


Anonymous said...

hi, see you specialise in montenegrin stamps. i have some old serbian stamps (from the 19th cent.) and a lot of pre-first war to 1945 ones (serbia, croatia, bosnia & herz., jugoslavia, etc...) all in exc. condition, sorted in albums (not complete though).
since i'm thinking of selling them, wonder what could vaguely be their value (especially the oldest ones)?
any help, please?

Balkanstamp said...

For Anonymous:

Even that I know about what You are talking, I need to see material, without it I can not say nothing regarding Your collection.

Globally, Serbia, period from begining (1866) to next 10 years (1878) have an good prices, but this period will be hard to find in satisfacted condition, and almost all will need certificate!

From here till 1915 is prices "low+" but again expensive material, again need certificate. After that, prices will come to "affordable" (except KRF issue - Serbian Post abroad), from 1921 to 1945 is "low" priced, except some rare items.

That mean Yugoslavia, Croatia, Bosnia - it is all inside Kingdom of SHS, taht is priced "low" except again some items for specialist.

I'm sorry, that I can not help You more than that, but send me some picture ( and I will try to give more precise answer.

Balkanstamp said...

For Uday:

like You see, on my blog page, You will not find any links, advertisment or something else.

Why? - simply, I try to made pages, as "clean" as possible, and when (if at all) collector visit my page, he will have just information about topic that I writte!

My intention is, simply, to give reading of my page to other collectors, but just that, what they are loking when visiting this page.

In the case, that someone will ask, request information about other blogpages related to philately, FOR SURE, I will also provided Your link, but again, just in the case when someone is asking about.

Hope that You understand my position, and if You don't agree with me - simply delete my link from Your page - it is absolutely Your wish.

best regards
Chastven Miloje

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