Friday, March 13, 2009

Postage Due 2009:

Even that this issue are issued in 2009, but because I received it just today (13/III/2009), I will include it in this section, no detail about date of issue, no FDC available, and no information from Montenegro Post. Just what I see from Invoice is statement: Common Issue 2008.

From this three stamp, I see that it didn't belong to one set - separate design, separate topic and first is for "Montenegro meeting EU", second for Postal history and third for History in Montenegro - I think that this issue will stay unnoticed in philately, with zero hope to have any value in catalogs. Topic is good, Postal Car, Sand Watch, Ornament on Church - but it is small help to attract collectors. Total face value are 1.50 euro and it will be Your chance to obtain stamp from Montenegro for collection without thinking that You invested something.


euroswiss said...

any news concerning the 2009 Europa issue planned this April ?

Dorincard said...
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Balkanstamp said...

To: Euroswiss

Like You see - Europa issue from Montenegro arrived just today to my hand - I immediately scaned it and placed on blog. Hardly to believe, but material from Montenegro to Israel traveled 1 and 1/2 months. Reason? Some is in administration there in Montenegro, because I received shipment with 15 page of administration work, and I discovered it there around 6-7signatures of some manager/s, I think that it is main reason why it traveled too long.
In the end material arrived - that is most important.

jaro said...

Pozdrav od Picolla